All the developed activities had been mediated by the formadoras of the area of sciences that had contributed very, for what were produced, that follow soon more, (to see annex 3 the didactic day? pedagogical). Still in the fourth fair to the afternoon, it had the formation of the area of Accurate, with the formadoras Fabiana and Cristiane. Then it began the received one, with music Dry Twig Z Geraldo. Later the General Coordinator of Projovem, gave some informs the group, and thus we continue with the day. In this manner, it had the explanation of the acuidade of the statistics in our lives. Then in elapsing of this communication, the mathematics staff, participated well more, as well as happened with sciences of the nature. The study he allowed that he appeared you vary you doubt in relation to the clear graphs, what he promoted a good study, therefore the graph makes possible that the people they make a study on the problems most recurrent in the community. Thus the group inquietou it working the graph of the production of eggs and hens and the Formadoras had requested that in group the group approached some questions for the study of the same, (to see annex 4), therefore the same permeia a series of knowledge, that also makes the use of the reading and interpretation.

Then she observed herself that in the displayed graph she contained some errors, what generated a bigger attention and participation of the involved ones. Thus this moment, the satisfied staff was locked in, in having something practical in room, to learn and to pass ahead. The used materials in this afternoon had been papers, penxses, bristol boards, clip colorful. Fifth? Fair 15? 07? 10 In this dawn we had received with Smem Music of the Ambrosio Master, after this moment an educator asked for to permission the Formadoras of mathematics to count a joke, what group favored to descontrair it.

It also assesses the qualifications and relevant use of idiomatic expressions, proverbs. A person who owns foreign language at the level of C1, can take an active part in the discussion in a foreign language and to defend its position, citing a variety of arguments. The final level, the level of 'ownership in perfection' (C2) assumes perfectly fluent in a foreign language – no restrictions on the topics of communication, speed and accuracy of speech. It is believed that the level of C2 approaches to foreign language, which is typical for a native speaker. What distinguishes a person who spoke a foreign language perfectly, from its media? This may be a focus (the subject we discussed on our mailing lists), a minor error in choosing the right shade of meaning of a word or the most successful in this particular situation grammatical construction (if the construction of the phrase implies a choice).

Incidentally, there are some interesting data about what an educated person who speaks foreign language perfectly, can speak objectively and subjectively better than native speakers with specialized secondary education. That is why the excitement around the courses that are 'native speakers', in the last time considerably abated. Do not always communicate with the 'native speaker' will 'cure' for a person studying a foreign language, but when you consider that many of the 'media' themselves differ pronounced accent of his native region … That's why I built my a proven course of study any foreign language so that you can apply the best methods of teaching quite independently, and does not depend on the courses, teachers, or 'carriers' of the language. A communication can be easily found on the Internet … but I will not talk about it in detail, because all the information about how to communicate in a foreign language on the web, there are lessons in my course, which can be Order directly on the site. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – basic phrases, grammar, dictionaries and other useful information, including the AV mode for mastering 15 languages. Language resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively