Teachers play an important role in the development of children in their formative years and is decisive in their future. Preschool teachers, kindergarten and elementary school for children influence at these stages form the view of themselves and the world, and in high school to prepare them to succeed in college, at work and in life personal. In high school, teachers work with students in a subject specific and guide them in that area at the same time they discover their skills for particular career or profession. Responsibilities of the teacher of the teachers plan, assess and assign lessons. Prepare, administer and grade tests and exams. Organize classroom work and maintaining discipline. Observe and evaluate the performance and skills of their students and guide them to success. Have high expectations for his students to strive to achieve great goals.

Maintain direct communication with parents to monitor progress and behavior students, and deliver the report cards and conduct. Provide additional support in areas that students have difficulty. Use interesting materials to facilitate their learning. Promote an atmosphere where students feel comfortable and willing to participate. Update your knowledge and methods, seeking to have an active and motivating class. Solve problems that arise in the classroom and discipline problems, with much skill and determination in a fair consequences. Following the career of teacher You must complete a training program with a number of courses and credits, get your bachelor’s degree (bachelor) and adopt a supervised practice teaching. In California, teachers of any level, must pass the CBEST, a basic test of math, reading and writing, and then other specific tests according to the level they are teaching. First, teachers get their preliminary credential and then passing required courses and exams, get your permanent card, they teachers can work continuously as the level for which they were prepared. More information about the career of teachers is also available on this site: of Teachers National Education Association National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education California Teachers Association National Association for the Education of Young Children.