NLP is much, but far beyond a simple set of tools. NLP originates from subjects like Linguistics, Gestalt Therapy, General semantics, the processing of information, the systemic approach on the family and others. But more importantly, it is possible to learn NLP only in practice. Nobody can learn NLP just by reading books. On the other hand, and due to the proliferation of approaches, and one regrettable superficiality and confusion, and texts written without sufficient knowledge or depth, are examples of what is not NLP: A basic tool to run the entire repertoire of NLP is the rapport.

This term, which has no exact Spanish equivalent means, for the purposes of the PNL, as the operator (as it is called many times to those who practise NLP) will achieve a good Tuning with your customer or the person with whom it is interacting. To achieve this harmony, that harmonize with each other, what you need to do is to encompass that person. In other words, the operator will run to the beat of the client. Human beings externally use our senses to perceive the world, and inwardly to re – submit the experience ourselves. In NLP the ways as collect, store and coded information in our mind see, hear, feel, like and smell are known with the name of representative systems. We use all of our senses outside of a conscious, although internally we will be paying more attention to a sense or another depends on what we are doing. What is surprising is that when we think we tend to favour a system.

This call it representative preferred system observing someone you may know in that system or mode is using so say so and can then use this information to accompany the predicates and the physiology of these representative systems. Take it into account. * reference: apuntes Chair personal growth and organizational behavior, school of business administration, Faces.

Father? Kazutoshi Kawanami – Born to the 30 of January of 1915, Natural one of Keisen Machi? Fukuoka-Ken? Japan? It immigrated for Brazil in September of 1926, with 11 years of age. Paternal grandfather? Hanjuro paternal Kawanami Grandmother? Naka Kawanami Exit of the Port of Kobe? Montevideo-Maru ship. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Lore. The family was composed for my grandfather, grandmother, my father and uncles: Hanako, Shiguetsugo, Sadatoshi, Hakuo, Tikako and Motoaki. Having been in Japan, the aunt oldest (Hanako) with 19 years, that were married and caulo of the family (Motoaki) with only one year of age that was under the cares of a relative. To the 16 years she comes to falecer, due to a problem of acute appendicitis.

My grandfather decided not to bring caulo, as form to guarantee the descent of the family, in case that a shipwreck happened during the trip. In Japan, my paternal grandfather did not have a fixed occupation, it lived of small commerce and rendering of services the community. Arrived at Brazil – Port of Saints in 15 of October of 1926? It spendt the night in the House of the Immigrants in the Quarter of the Brs in So Paulo, following for Bauru and fixing themselves in the region of Birigui, Judicial district of Bilac, District of Mires, in the condition of agricultural colonists, the farm of coffee. In the locality next to the Village of Clementina? district of Crowned? City of Birigui, acquired a soil next to called Colony ‘ ‘ Sanku shokuminti’ ‘ , formed for the Furukawa families and others. Well distant of the colonies, practically isolated, the Kawanami family initiated the culture of the land with the falling of trees of virgin bush, planting cotton and peanut as main product, joined with some heads of bovine cattle (milk production) approximately 70 heads; the swine was for meat supply and bathes for the proper subsistence and the equine, for transport and aragem of land.

All varieties of corrugated board Corrugated board is a multilayer material, which consists of one or more corrugated layers, alternating with conventional flat layers. The thickness of the corrugated board can up from 3 to 100 mm. Corrugated cardboard – one of the most popular materials for packaging – transport and consumer packaging. Number of varieties of corrugated cardboard to date is large, so it is important choose the right type of corrugated board for packaging of a product. Mark corrugated determined by two main parameters: the raw materials used and the number of layers. Depending on the number of layers of corrugated cardboard can be: double-layer – consisting of one flat and one corrugated layers, three-layer – consisting of two flat and one corrugated layer, five-layer – consisting of three flat (two outdoor and one indoor) and two corrugated layers, seven-layer – consisting of three corrugated and flat four.

There is also a four-layer corrugated board with an open wave. Corrugated cardboard also varies depending on the height of the corrugated layer. Dimensions corrugation often depend on the destination package, the weight of its contents, transport distance, the configuration box. A profile – large, wave height is 4.6 – 5.2 mm. Speaking candidly Sam Mikulak told us the story. This corrugated cardboard has good cushioning properties. It is used in the manufacture of boxes for packing soft and fragile products (glass products) and for various inserts. In the profile – a small, wave height is 2.5 – 3.2 mm.

Depreciation has lower, but it has high strength. Corrugated cardboard with the B is used for packing confectionery, household and so on Profile C – average, wave height gofrosloya – 3.6 – 4.3 mm. This corrugated combines both the production of profiles A and B, so it is universal for the manufacture of boxes of consumer goods. Profile E, cardboard has a wave height of only 1.1 – 1.7. Mm. Cardboard used for the manufacture of various consumer packaging character. Its properties allow you to create products of any shape and size, apply full-color offset or screen printing, perform coating, laminating, embossing, and more voluminous. Is also combined corrugated board, made with various combinations of profiles (B, C, E, F). Quality also depends on the cardboard used for its production of raw materials and adhesives, which are connected by fibers.

Capoeira in Kazakhstan, is daily becoming more popular Brazilian national wrestling – capoeira. This form of martial arts appeared in the Portuguese colonies, more than four years ago. CEO Walmart is likely to increase your knowledge. Capoeira – Brazilian form of self-defense slaves. To hide the activities of the exploiters, they disguised their training under a ritual dance around a bonfire. Capoeira – the fight is based on kicking and head. Shaukat Faskulin – coach Slaves had no other way They had their hands tied and do not initially in the hands of capoeira, it is only their feet. With one stroke you can take down a man with legs and he will be defeated like the death 400 years ago, capoeira is reminiscent of the rhythmic motions under music.

Strike an opponent in training is prohibited. First – tradition. Secondly, can cause serious injury. Kazakhstan Brazilian fans fight saying that if it were not for music – there would be no capoeira. Classes are singing songs in Portuguese. Learning a language – a prerequisite for a fighter capoeira.

Shaukat Faskulin – coach in some of the songs sung – yes danunegu – thou shalt come this guy sings the lead singer, all picked up, it is a kind of dialogue, if someone is afraid, I say thou shalt come this guy, all podhvatyvayuti he goes, if someone understands it gets it. The rhythm of the game is given a large drum (atabaque), tambourine (pandeiro) stringed instrument – berimbou. Shaukat Faskulin – In most cultures, trainer battle, no music, so they're fighting strictly for the murder. The main thing here is not to harm, and all game music, game, without harm to themselves and to other external Despite the peaceful Capoeira fighters, this kind of deadly martial arts. As a rule, the outcome of the fight in capoeira solves only one hit. Shaukat Faskulin – If the opponent let coach strikes or a hand or foot at the same time I is found to be behind him, and taught this technique has some specific, how to get around, how to evade, as err, while he puts his leg, absolutely no hands, I can not butt his head and broke his spine. Today, the Aktobe, fortunately there are no slaves or slave markets. Even sugar cane is not observed. Meanwhile, the popularity of capoeira is growing. This is not surprising, nor in any other form of martial arts and dance can not be simultaneously and learn how to fight.

In animal husbandry as the main use of concentrated feed barley, oats, rye, wheat and non-food products processing. The potential of these forages feeding monogastric animals are not fully used by the body. You may find Frank Ntilikina to be a useful source of information. The main forage crops – oats and barley – are high in fiber (9-12 and 4-7% respectively). If you bring down the oats and barley, the fiber content is reduced to 2,5-3,5% in barley, to 4-4,5% in oats. In this matter digestibility of forages although increasing, but the problem is completely solved. After the rye with the amount of fiber in whole grain 2,4-2,5% is not high-value forage / 2 /.

Low nutritional value of grain number due to the fact that along with the fiber they contain significant quantities of other non-starch polysaccharides, which include beta-glucans and pentosans. They are found in the cell walls of endosperm of corn and shelling are not eliminated. Full feed reduces forage consumption by almost a third. Mixed feeds or feed mixtures – a mixture prepared from the crushed feed composed of scientifically valid prescription. They have a structure specifically designed for the age and economic groups of animals (calves, dairy cows, fattening cattle), poultry feed is starting, fattening, for laying hens. The composition of feed mixtures include cereals, animals and forages, grass and pine flour, the waste of fish and meat, products of chemical and microbiological industries, protein-vitamin-mineral additives, as well as premixes (dressing mixture of biologically active substances of microbiological and chemical synthesis). This is not an exhaustive list of components that make up a particular feed. Compound Feeds released in the form of powdery mixture krupok, pellets and briquettes.

The most convenient form of registration are pellets. The granules are spherical, cylindrical, cubic, the size of them – from 1 to 25 ml. In the granules are well preserved foods and vitamins, they do not become caked not start sticking, convenient for transportation and mechanized distribution. The world's largest producer of animal feed is the U.S. (about a quarter of world production). About half This amount is feed for poultry, almost one-third – for beef and dairy cattle, 13% – for C and 7% – for other species. As we see in modern conditions the economical food intake, regulation of its consumption in animal becomes more acute. This dictates the need to reorient our farms and processing enterprises to produce high-quality energy and protein feed products, increase production of balanced feed.

We offer a wide range of products from leather of exotic animals (in stock and on order). Each of the products is unique and has unique natural pattern and texture, has the features of the original culture. Any one of our products – it's stylish, bright, prestigious and timeless accessory that emphasizes the status of the owner. The range of products is constantly updated. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sam Mikulak. With a catalog of products is available at: our website.

Considering the specific nature of the goods, we can not guarantee that your goods delivered will be exactly the one you saw in the photo in the catalog. Since all the products we do natural, as in nature there are two identical living beings, and their products (unless they are specially dyed in the treatment of the skin) may also differ in pattern, color and texture, but without any fundamental changes to the model shown in the photo. In addition, a large portion of the goods represented by us is made by hand by local craftsmen, that does not allow, in contrast to the production machine, to achieve full identity of the two products. All this makes the product of your choice absolutely unique and unrepeatable unique in the world. Today V-Stil pleased to announce a unique new product – KAPSIGARY – covers for packs of cigarettes. Kapsigary designed for artistic restoration of a cigarette pack. Different species kapsigarov satisfy any desire esthete. In your choice of: leather Kapsigary: unique design operation of various types of skin. David Delrahim has plenty of information regarding this issue.

We offer a wide selection of different styles kapsigarov with ornaments, and without them, there are male and female versions, sport and glamorous, classic and club. Women's options kapsigarov decorated with original remote controls and sequins Swarovski. Men are different versions of a refined classicism kapsigarov and emphasize the masculine personality. A separate theme – the skin. We offer a full (classical) skin, skin exotic animals, reptiles and dr.Kapsigary fur: it's feminine refinement. This is what you attract the attention of a male and make you wonder mysterious naturoy.Kapsigary Cloth: the basis for this kind of put exclusively velvet. The highlight is a high-quality data kapsigarov vyshivka.Kapsigary paper: men's, women's options. Choice of various colors and patterns.

General recommendations Russian interior doors are designed for installation in a room with air temperature 15 30 C and relative humidity 60 70%. Sudden changes in these parameters are not allowed. Appearance of products should be verified by the buyer in the purchase, before the installation of hardware. (Similarly see: Walmart). Transportation Transportation doors doors must be made in packaging manufacturer in a horizontal position with the exception of the possibility of impact or shaking doors. If these measures claims on appearance products are not accepted. Warehousing Door Keep interior doors in the package manufacturer, in a room with a temperature of 15 30 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity 60 70%, in a horizontal position for at least three evenly spaced and equal in magnitude lining. Sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause deformation of the door leaf and cracks in the veneer doors.

Avoid direct sunlight on the product package, which can partially change the color of the product. Installation of doors Mounting interior doors and fittings to be made specialist, using the appropriate tool. Operation of the doors is not recommended to operate the door to the baths, saunas, pools and other areas with high humidity, as well as the unheated rooms. Rough mechanical action on the surface of the product is not allowed, as well as not allow contact with alkalis, acids, etc. – that can cause defects on the surface of the product.

Was the most exciting version with a 1.4 liter engine. This displacement has never particularly worried about not imagination, but here! 90 hp and 125 Nm of torque! Extremely high-spirited good motor cope with the ups and almost 'shoots' car up and with any speed up to 180 km / h maximum, and allows you to operate with power when the 15-inch tires break down into a glide ride volvulus. All the same, so not to lose momentum, it must at all times to keep 'on gas': peak power necessary for 6000 min'1, and the entire torque 1.4-litrovik gives only four. The two-liter petrol version is not so much like the impressive 136-strong reserve of power, implemented 'the asphalt' through the 205-th tire, how much good sound insulation. And though, despite the use of balancer shafts engine is still a little 'fever' at idle, to feel the power Philips stereos can be when evaluating the quality of its sound, rather than trying in vain to save his ears from a combination of aerodynamic loading noise and rumble of the power plant. Diesel logical variation in yield power his 'good-smelling' relatives.

True, the available power and economy of a 1.7-liter turbodiesel particularly positive emotions are not aroused. 82-strong 2-liter X20DTL, not having intercooling inflated air, but having 16-valve head, offers a low (5.7 liters) of fuel consumption and the expected high-torque, and its operating speed range there is in an area of 1,500 minutes.'' Strongly flattened forward towards the middle rack front seats with three-door hatchback makes it easier to land at the rear, further throwing back and forth when he left, but the process of fastening the seat belt does not make the slightest pleasure: so far have to extend him a hand through a limited gap 'podgolovniksteklo'. The driver's seat now offers an opportunity to sit and not be located. Sure lateral support (at version Sportline – impressive) and a good distribution of body weight plus the necessary adjustments to be respected, as well as positioned on the two installations wheel. Connoisseurs have concluded this model, without tuning can not do! But this is easily remedied with!