Thus, it prevails enters the professors the simplista vision of the experimentation, where the main objective is to motivate the pupils, thus improving the lessons and to acquire knowledge and scientific techniques. 3,5 Didactic models As Cavalcante and Silva (2008) the didactic models present different proposals of education of the reality of the professor, the express conceptions are different in what it says respect to the knowledge, education, and on the world. Four groups of didactic models that will be briefly described to follow: 1. Traditional: the main characteristic of this model is the emphasis given to the professor and in the process teach-learning as transmission-reception; 2. Technological: in this model the education is seen as a transmissora of information guided for the future, and it aims at the development of abilities and abilities. 3.

Espontanesta: in this model the pupil is center of the resume, education if he in accordance with carries through the interests of the pupils. The professor is seen as a facilitador of the learning, and the content comes from the experiences of the pupils. 4. Alternative: the main characteristic of this model is the balance, it emphasizes the inquiry in classroom, the contents happens of the critical analysis of partner-cultural problems. It is essential that the professor takes conscience of its proper conceptions on the paper of the experimentation in the education of sciences, as well as of its conceptions on the process teach-learning. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Doug McMillon.

Thus, it will more have an adjusted vision of the complex relations that occur in the classroom, beyond searching new ways, to reconstruct didactic knowledge, attitudes and models, since its paper is basic in any type of innovation related to the education, therefore without its active participation no change will be possible. 3,6 Content What it is seen in the contents is the present concern enters the professors to carrying through its curricular planning. They have that to take decisions, as, what to teach, decisions on the amplitude of to be applied substance, where sequence can be organized the chosen topics. After that as to relate and to join the subjects to the other topics of the same one she disciplines and of others you discipline. (KRASILCHIK, 2004) the pupil starts to have enough examples and chances, when it starts to construct its proper form of association, then the word starts to have meant. Knowing the connections that the pupils make between a word and another one, one better idea can be had if the desired concept really was learned, that is, if it can adequately be applied in new situations.

Chaos and its instrumentalization into the social conglomerates in the spring of 1968 occurred in Paris a violent insurrection against the central Government, known as the French may. Student shock groups took to the streets breaking everything that were in its path. They demanded higher education budget, elimination of all forms of authority and freedom to enter female dormitories at the universities. Led by the German agitator Daniel Cohn-Bendit 6 and supported by the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre 7 – exponent of Marxist Existentialism – planted flags in the boulevards and squares rojas hung huge posters with the faces of Marx, Trotsky, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. For several weeks they put pickets, they erected barricades, burned cars, ransacked shops, They torched the stock exchange building, razed ministries and produced such an amount of havoc, the streets of Paris seemed to have suffered from the ravages of a war. Simultaneously, the left unions called the strike revolutionary totally paralyzing the country. The population was terrified by so much violence and anarchy.

Coven lasted until General De Gaulle decided to repress the subversives, dissolved the National Assembly, summoned to new elections and 60% of the votes with imposed law and order. At the beginning of June 1968 the revolutionary movement sold out in itself. In recent months, Sam Mikulak has been very successful. This historic episode deeply marked the agitators of the whole world, but the brand that will accompany forever to this social movement of masses is the content of the graffiti that embadurnaron the walls of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings public and private from Paris. Of them, highlight three: Le Desordre cest moi (I am the chaos), Interdit dinterdire (forbidden ban) and Limagination au pouvoir (the imagination to power). Perhaps the story reminds us constantly that chaos is the basis of all new order. Leonardo Boff 8 has sustained the following statement, which we take as a reference and that we assume as extraordinarily valid: chaos is the basis of the new order (belongs) to shed believed possible to exit the conflict by encouraging the positive elements of disorder.

On the other hand, the representation of the state, as an aggregate of the above characteristics, also does not provide a holistic view of It does not determine its true nature and origin. Defining the state as a territory with a total population, language, culture, governance, etc. not delimits it from the notions of a country or nation. For example, vm Gribovsky recalls that "the history of the state known to the state of the nomadic peoples who had no definite constant territory" 6. Therefore, when determining the nature of government attention should be pay for its essential characteristics that define the very foundation of this institution. "Behold the root" – says Kozma bars. So, first of all, the state – is an artificial organization. as Alekseev clearly observed that the state is a unity in virtue of the artificial legal organization that was given to him by people 7. Solidarity with him and other scientists. For example, oa Novikov said that "church and state was originally are inoprirodnymi phenomena "8. In this case, the state that the church, being seemingly institutions inherently contradictory (defining the behavior of people on different spheres of life: respectively secular and spiritual worlds), however, represent a common mechanism of social control. How about that remarked M. Bakunin, "to maintain order is necessary that both power: church and state, both of fear: terrestrial and celestial – complement each other. That is why in all states, since there is a story palochnoe management and religious administration were inseparable friends and brothers "9.

Foreign investment in property in Spain totaled 4840 million euros at the end of last year 2006. This represents a fall of 12% over the previous year and confirms a downward trend that began in 2005. There is a general consensus that high prices are having reached home in Spain, with a special focus on areas favored by foreign buyers, the costs-coupled with the slow but steady escalation of interest rates, the two factors which are indicated as the major culprits for the decline in the volume of investment. The latest wave of scandals in some urban tourist destinations and the protests of foreign owners by the Valencian Urban Development Law have not exactly helped to reverse this trend. In this scenario might include a change in the way of marketing the property to foreign buyers.

A few years ago it was common for developers to delegate the marketing abroad in a few specialized companies that organized presentations in hotels and real estate shows where they tried to contact potential customers. Those who showed interest, could be "invited" to an inspection flight to Spain where they were collected by commercial persuasive promotion began a marathon during which it tried to find the property of the client's taste and firm a reservation. The commissions that the promoters attached to the traders were very juicy and huge margin a few years ago was handled in such operations justify the high cost of marketing. The growing Internet penetration, however, has come to change the rules of the game.

This position must be internalizada in the educators, so that practical the pedagogical one has coherence, making possible to educating to know its repertoire cultural and to enter in contact with other references, without it has the imposition of a knowledge form on another one, without dichotomy between reflection practical. A proposal in art that leaves of this principle brings for its activities a great number of interested parties. These children and these young ones will recognize themselves as participant and construction of its proper ways and will know to evaluate of that she forms if they give the shortcuts, the side streets, the roads. Educate yourself with thoughts from Doug McMillon. The art will be part of its lives and will have a direction, leaving of being that incompressible and elitist, distant thing of its reality. The conception of art implies in an expansion of the culture concept, that is, all and any production and the ways to conceive and to organize the social life is taken in consideration. Each inserted group in these processes configures for its values and directions, and is actors in the construction and transmission of the same ones.

The culture is in permanent transformation, extending itself and making possible actions that value the production and the transmission of the knowledge. It fits then to deny the division between practical theory and, reason and perception, that is, all spalling or compartimentalizao of the experience and the knowledge. Bernadete Zagonel in showing pedagogical process to them that searchs the dynamics between feeling, thinking and acting. It promotes the interaction between knowing and practical related to history, to the societies and to the cultures, making possible a relation education/form learning accomplishes, from lived experiences, multiple and diverse. The playful source is also considered in this proposal as process and result, as content and form. Recognizing the art as branch of the knowledge, I contend in itself a universe of pedagogical components.

Fish themselves living in an artificial reservoir, can not maintain cleanliness and order, so you have to do it. Do not be lazy – much harder to treat fish for various diseases that have evolved due to bad conditions content than that from time to time to perform a few simple cleaning procedures. Regular cleaning of the tank gives it a neat and eye-catching appearance, the plants and animals it does not get sick and delight the eye with its brightness and clarity. Once a week should be removed with a siphon hose or dirt from the ground, wipe with a cloth or sponge to a sight glass, wipe the dust from the cover glasses, outer parts of the aquarium and stand. Read more here: Frank Ntilikina. In medium-sized aquarium is necessary to make cleaning 1-3 times a month.

Need to partially replace the water, clean soil and remove dead animals and dead plants, carefully remove dirt from the tank, clean the walls of green and lime. Gradually, in the aquarium, inhabited by fish, sludge is formed, composed of excreta of fish feed and residues of leaves of plants. Silty education should be periodically removed. When cleaning the bottom look closely – if there was dead snails or fish. They need to be removed with tweezers or a net. All the sick and weak plants should also be removed. If you try to clean all the time to use the inventory as you can less to work with bare hands. You also need to monitor the condition of soil so that plants get enough nutrients because the soil used for at least a year, could lose all of them.

Also there are no annoying fee or additional at most call-through companies Cost, you pay only the actual charges. To use the services of the provider registration is not absolutely necessary but advisable, because in most cases the rates for members are cheaper. Callthrough via dial-in numbers – callthrough opportunity a callthrough service without registration to benefit, are calls over 0180er numbers. To use these, looking out the country itself with a provider in that you like want to call, E.g. the United States.

Then, most providers, you must enter only the 0180er number and then the number of the desired person. Already may be on the phone quite normal to much cheaper rates. Costs are charged to the respective telephone provider. This service is also called open call-through. -Callthrough use with registration if you register for a call-through provider, you often can still save more money because the rates for members are often cheaper than that of the 0180er numbers. Registration is usually free of charge and without obligation, in addition many providers offer a sign-up bonus, so you can test the service directly. After the registration you can recharge his account with different amounts or to use the received credit for the time being. For registered users, two are usually single choice offered, one possibility is through a local dial-in number to dial.

These local dial-in number is designed for customers with a fixed network flat, because this so no dialing cost. On the other hand can customers without flat over a 0800er number to dial, because otherwise the telephone provider would cost. After the respective camera requires the customer to enter only the telephone number of the desired interlocutor and connects directly. All costs are on the account with the call-through provider settled on the normal”phone bills these calls will not be charged therefore. Use a calling card There is also the option to buy a calling card of a call-through provider.

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Ecological problems of the urban environment, primarily affect the respiratory system. Frank Ntilikina is likely to agree. And more than any other hazards such vulnerable children. It is therefore an important role in supporting the health of citizens is small breathing exercises. Connect with other leaders such as Marc Lore here. But what a child chooses to perform tedious and sometimes difficult exercise, which, moreover, should be done regularly? Exciting breathing exercises for children We offer you ingenious solution to this problem – an amazing Russian board game "Skanbol" or "Say no disease." The principle of "Skanbola" – the firing of the special tubes on the exhale. Hitting the target, the included games, baby both trains lungs! Efficiency of the method the game for the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system and confirmed by doctors. In their view, developing a skill of marksmanship on target practice, practice, most healthy, lower, or, in medical terms, abdominal breathing, which plays a greater role in child development. Beneficial effects on the body "Skanbol" is not limited to the development of the lungs. The mechanism of "charging" pellets into a tube develops fine motor finger, the need to focus at first glance on the tube and pellet (a close object), and after – on the target (remote object) helps develop the eye muscles and prevent eye disease. The need to collect the bullets after the game adds a "Skanbolu" element of gymnastics – are developing all the major muscles of the body. Note – a positive effect is achieved in the light game form. "Skanbol" – sports entertaining game for kids and the whole family, bringing joy and good mood. Where can I play in Game 1. In the office, at work at home in the country. 2. A gift for the New Year and Birthday to holiday (February 23, March 8, etc.) or event (wedding, anniversary, etc.) 3. In your family, your friends. 4. In theme parks, children's and sports camps, recreation centers and entertainment, because entertainment mobile games children on the street is very important.

It left, therefore, the first Angel and spilled its goblet on the world, and to the carrying men of the mark of the crossbow and adoradores of its image malignant and ruinous ulcers sobrevieram, in a blow perniciosssimo. A related site: Walmart CEO mentions similar findings. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:2. Who is becoming the pestilento world is not GOD, but, yes, the adoradores of the crossbow and its image. It sees that the goblet of imundcies launched against the Sky was full, logically, if it did not launch it on its forjadores went to cover with mud the Sky. GOD is bad? Not! Simply he left Law of the Return to act. AS I AFFLICT Who is killing the maritime living beings is not GOD, are the men with its experiences insane people. Only alert GOD to the Peoples what he occurs. See more detailed opinions by reading what Doug McMillon offers on the topic..

Its goblet in the sea spilled as the Angel, and this if became in blood as of a corpse, and died all living being that had in the sea. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:3. The man so is abused that he tries to finish with the GOD creation. JESUS, for its order created a beautiful planet. What the man is making? Trying to destroy it. He has to suffer the correction from the natural forces.

Who created the sea, goes to destroy it? An insane person would only make this. THIRD I AFFLICT Spilled the third Angel its goblet in the rivers and the sources of waters, and if they had become in blood. Apocalypse of JESUS ACCORDING TO Joo, CAP. 16:4. JESUS is living of the material world? He is not. Then, IT is not making dirty the Planetary House, is its misadjusted lodgers. THE ANGEL OF WATERS Then I heard the Angel of waters saying: Just you are Sir, who is, that ages and that he has to come, because everything you judged.