Entrepreneurs Federation boasts \”Everyday eating me\”, outsourcing capabilities Bielefeld / Cologne, September 4th 2009 more and more entrepreneurs, executives, professionals complain. With daily life mostly general management duties, typing and secretarial duties are meant, that would actually be delegated. But not every company has an own secretariat or allows the delegate to other employees. Because many executives perform routine tasks yourself, companies often suffer efficiency losses. \”It doesn’t have to be\” Karina Mestan from Cologne, who recently made independent with a secretariat service stressed. External solutions are usually cheaper than their own staff and the practical and technical knowledge base will expand for the company. \”Any in-house solution reaches limits\”, so Mahmud. The Grimsby Town usually is spot on.

Mestans self-employment by the entrepreneur network was made possible more than 140 advisors, service providers and experts Ultimo, in which different Disciplines are combined. Moonves. \”Ultimo has supported me not only in establishing, but above all the security given to me, to be able to solve any problem\”, so the management expert. It was nice to know to be able to rely on a such a broad knowledge and expert pool. That help you and your customers, she would be. But Mahapatra is an enrichment for the Ultimo Federation: as certified management assistant with focus on foreign languages, further their education to the event manager and their ongoing correspondence course in text and design, she has to offer much for the ever-growing pool.

\”We are pleased to have won Karina Mestan as a partner,\” stresses also Jens Wormann, founder and CEO of Ultimo. \”New partner with such intense training and so diversified industry and expertise advance end.\” And the Federation would continue to grow. \”We are looking for new partners in the areas of Office and management, who bring their knowledge\”, which reaffirms Ultimo’s founder. Karina Mestan offers foreign language correspondence in English and Spanish, written promotional mailings and writing on special occasions, supports the project and organizational management of departments and enterprises, and accompanied even campaigns in city marketing.

So simple, can prepare a little treat others when you wanted to congratulate someone for the birthday earlier, you has written a letter or taken the telephone handset in the hand, unless you directly and personally could shake hands with that person. The congratulation behavior however has changed over time: In the Internet age, there are new paths that have been established especially for the young target group. On social networks, it congratulates able on the wall, via Twitter to send short greetings, images are sent via electronic greeting cards birthday and then there is of course still the SMS, which is still well in the race. The electronic greeting cards (referred to as E-cards) are the old form of the postcards or letters to the next. These are mostly free through numerous greeting cards portals on the Internet. Out to simply locate a matching greeting card motif is on such a portal, or upload own motive. The greeting cards are usually after events sorted, so that the motif selection easy.

To write even a nice greeting and already you can send the card by entering the email address of the addressee. (Note however 2 things: 1) never specify the full address for sending greeting cards – this is usually an indication of rip off with hidden costs. (2) do not in all cases your greeting card is also, as some spam filters may block this also. Should it be a greeting card with extremely important content (“the birthday of the mother”), it is advisable, once again to telefonieren. The joy is not less as a result.

Who can keep a clear view of variety of prepaid provider in Germany uberhauptnoch? Now, every adult, such as children and young people has a mobile phone. But for whom are what prepaid cards right? Nowadays, it is difficult to get an overview. Not only because many of the prepaid have very different prepaid provider rates, no: many prepaid comparisons show not all providers and the exact overview is unfortunately so blurred. Therefore it is recommended a good prepaid tariffs comparison on the Internet. Prepaid tariffs comparison, the Internet is huge and as is also the selection Compare prepaid tariffs. Therefore, it is considered to be careful. Because not always some of the comparisons also indicate that it is so-called postpaid or halt is the usual prepaid options.

This confused many and unclear facts spoil the research after reasonable and good providers. What especially should look as already mentioned, it is very important to find a reputable comparison on the Internet. One finds mostly this by closer analysis of whether, for example, a lot of advertising is turned and many impressions, so-called pop-up BBs, appear. Not clear statements and outdated prices are another indication that we should not trust this page. Reputable providers have usually a well developed website with an easy-to-understand overview of prepaid providers and up-to-date comparisons. But to be safe, it is natural to follow his heart.

The prepaid purchase after now any provider have largely been compared, is now quite quickly everything else. You click on the link in the browser and buys. However, this step would be a step too far. Why? A so-called network provider behind each prepaid provider. Many of these providers have different network quality. So anyone who thinks with one click to book the lowest fare, which in hindsight annoys suddenly at home or in the school having no reception. And this would of course fatal. Conclusion: Good prepaid rates compared to the Internet find, affiliated actuality and research prices. And finally, check the network provider. Then only it can go with the phone calls.

The development or rehabilitation of road networks and the entire infrastructure in cities, towns and municipalities is one of the most urgent tasks in the road and canal construction innovations for urban road and canal construction at the time. Not free flow many grants from the economic stimulus program in this area. BOMAG gives many answers to the burning questions in the implementation of some complicated construction projects with a number of innovations on the nordbau fair 2009 from September 10 to 15. These are the most important requirements in the inner-city streets and canal construction, but not rarely involves speed, manoeuvrability and reliability, to maintain the traffic, to keep precise time Windows, to work in narrow streets and unnecessary burden on the quality of life of local residents. Rafael Nadal insists that this is the case. Booth F-Nord 1556 outside the nordbau fair shows BOMAG on about 600 square metres as well as a cross section through a wealth of innovations total program be, in their focus on just the inner-city road and channel construction. There are three world premieres in the light equipment equal to three world premieres in the field of small machines, BOMAG light equipment, to discover. Above all the new multi purpose compressor BMP 8500 with articulated steering.

He was specially designed for Earth construction work and is especially suitable for the compaction of bind on soil in the trench construction, in the channel and pipeline construction, Undercounter and Foundation work. (A valuable related resource: Bill Shankley). The two engine families of the forward current vibratory plates, the series of the BOMAG BP plates and BOMAG BVP plates are also new. Typical areas of use of both families are repairing in the road and road construction, pipe and pipeline construction and garden and landscaping. The North Building visitors can be cocked just so in the light equipment on new solutions and benefits for contractors. Germany premiere for the BW 154 ACP was first shown in Germany is also the new combination roller BW MANAGER, the BOMAG system for automatic optimization of compaction 154 ACP with ASPHALT.

BookRix improved offer for authors and readers in Munich in August 2009. After the launch of the range BookRix free E-books download to go at the beginning of this month, makes now talking book community with a renovated book creation. Core of the relaunch is optical review and facilitate individual work steps that a variety of different types of documents, upload, and with just a few clicks to convert a significant E-book. In addition to Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF and txt files can practically all file types to create an E-book to be used, which are supported by the standard Office applications (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxi, txt and rtf). Thus, it is even easier to create, to format and to publish on the net for free your own E-books within a few minutes online for authors. Learn more about this with Tokyo Olympic Games. The simplification of individual processing steps in the creation of the book makes the offer even more user friendly and In addition accelerates the release of E-books on BookRix. Only a few clicks are needed to reach the own E-book for free.

The reader has the choice whether he wants to read books online on BookRix, or download it as an E-book. All books are offered as a download in epub format, which is compatible with almost all popular readers such as E-readers and Smartphones (such as iPhone). “New is also the audiobooks like normal upload,” E-books can be shared with the community. Thus you will find recordings that can be heard online BookRix library from now also radio plays, audio books, lectures and poetry slam. Authors can connect even better with readers also of BookRix community area was further developed and improved. Authors and readers can now better each other network thanks to a personalized home page and replace. The home provides the users news from his friend’s network and tailored information of BookRix editorial.

On September 12 starts under webpuzzle.de/puzzle.php that the world’s largest online puzzle Web puzzle invites you to the largest online puzzle with 42048 items a 50 million individual pieces of the puzzle the members of puzzle Web puzzle clubs over the past five years inflicted over 100,000 puzzle images together. The Club members to form the largest online puzzle in the world with a total 42.048 parts the great challenge now in schnellstmoglichster time for a funny illustration of a world map set for the five-year anniversary in September. At the same time can puzzle about 120 people and interact in the integrated chat. Each part of the scale is saved with a time stamp. Upon completion of the puzzle, it is then possible feature film to look again at the whole spectacle. Everybody can participate in this unique action.

Direct link to the puzzle: puzzle.php Club offering puzzle its members currently 5004 different puzzles to choose from to, which is expanded monthly. The upload of own Puzzle motifs and the multiplayer puzzle round offering many of the puzzle clubs off. In addition to the puzzle Club there is on the website other possibilities is playful, like for example numerous online games with high score. Daily new puzzles in nine different puzzle styles be set in the puzzle Club and Club can be wagered with the good old d-Mark as play money and played in the tournament. Continue to Web site operators Java and Flash online games with its own high score function for your Web site can download. What started nine years ago at a private club homepage, has developed into a Web site that is used daily by about 2000 users. At that time Web master was Edmund Dolcher the first version of a Web puzzle in the network.

At this time, there was nothing comparable worldwide. After a short time, the requests of other Web site operators, who wanted to make the puzzle on its pages piled up. The interest was so great, so that a website was created. The Web page was intended originally only for Web site operators, the Online games searched for with your own high score function for your Web page. But it added more and more users, who just wanted to play. And it came puzzler, which wanted more and more and new motifs. Thus, the Web puzzle arose shortly after Club General online games, and in 2004 of the puzzle Club with its unique range of great online puzzles. Webpuzzle.de with ten other Internet presentations to the ‘website of the year 2004″in the category”Games & humor”was nominated in January 2005. Already In December 2003, the radio station “Antenne Bayern” called on to the big game contest. The best online games were test played by the antenne.de users and assessed. Webpuzzle.de participated in this game contest with two games. Both games were in the finals. The JAVA game “Cannon fodder” was ranked third this. The FLASH game “Ball Exchange” was elected by the antenne.de users in the first place and won the game contest on Antenne Bayern. Press contact: Edmund of Dolcher Rafique str.27 64846 Gross-Zimmern telephone 06071 / 489266 fax 06071 / 736865 eMail:

“Forever young’ first album the dream pilots Lovetraxx records released for under his label Rocktraxx of records the first album forever young” by the dream pilots. The songs of the album are to settle in the German-language pop / rock area and reflect different situations from life the dream pilots again. All titles are very complex and authentic at the same time. Varied topics from the fields of love (what love is”or heart soul”) and desires brings the album forever young”(dream pilots”, freedom”) and dreams (daydream”). The songs are musical again and again through sophisticated, acoustic background sounds (House by the sea”) and accompanied by catchy, guitar-heavy tunes. The band of dream pilots was founded in 2006 by Sandro Rahman (guitarist) and Rene Linzmaier (keyboardist). “After the success of the newcomer competition of local heroes” Jurgen Arendt as a singer with a distinctive voice to and the album was forever Young”was created.

Before beginning the project of dream pilots were Sandro Rahman and Rene Linzmaier with their 1996 established dance project of Ejecy”on the road. After many performances in local clubs and major events they took in 2001 at the newcomer contest nature one”(Festival for electronic music) part where they already occupied the 1st place as best live act. Although the three band members were shaped by various influences, they felt drawn more and more to the German song culture. Sandro Rahman and Rene Linzmaier rather coming from the electronic direction and her Heroes include such as Kraftwerk and mobi, for Jurgen Arendt above all the stars of the 70/80’s years like the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd and Frankie goes to Hollywood, which impress him. Dream pilots write their own songs and play all the instruments himself. Their vision is the fusion of intergenerational pop/rock music. From now on this album are either individually, or even complete, worldwide, all relevant music MP3 download portals available, including at Media Markt, Musicload, Apple iTunes, Jamster and shop.lovetraxx.de.

More information is available at lovetraxx.de or at youtube.com/user/LovetraxxRecordsTV. Track list: 01 dream pilots (album version) (3:42) 02 never (album version) (4:41) 03. Young forever (album version) (3:39) 04 days of gold (album version) (3:32) 05. What love is (album version) (4:12) 06. House by the Sea (album version) (4:30) 7 freedom (album version) (3:23) 08 man be (album version) (3:32) 09. You make me (album version) (3:37) 10. My drug (album version) (4:10) 11 heart and soul (album version) (3:39) 12 peace plane (album version) (3:36) 13 hold me (album version) (3:46) 14 day dream (album version) (2:47) company profile: Lovetraxx records is a record label specializing in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as trading post Records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected. The company founded in 1994 has now more than 500 CDs and download titles released, many of them with national and international impact of the Charter.

BitDefender warns of the popularity of social network platforms spam attacks through the chirping platform Holzwickede, 01 September 2009 as Twitter increases. But just on the basis of their popularity, these Internet services increasingly in the sights of cybercriminals that it have aimed at the unsuspecting user. BitDefender, provider of innovative anti-malware solutions, provides tips on how they can prevent fall prey to spam attacks or other hacker tricks in particular Twitter users. The security of Twitter, the numerous services to the link-shortening, used for the posting of short messages (tweets) are one of the biggest problems. Tweets are limited to 140 characters.

The URL shortening services allow users to specify longer left without much to claim the number of characters to consuming. For more information see this site: Drew Brees. Hackers however use these services and disguise malicious links with their help. Many of these attacks could be prevented by it allowing users to see the real URL, before they This press. \”Another major problem is the fact that search engines show especially Google Twitter profiles on their index page\”, explains Harald Philipp, CEO of BitDefender GmbH, the problem. In this way, malicious pages that are marketed with good social engineering tactics, can achieve a high placement within the respective search engine rankings. \”In addition: as Twitter messages are so short-lived, users can understand it partially difficult that somebody unwittingly sent account spam messages over their\”, as Philip continue. The most common types of Twitter spam include: tweet spam: this spam of kind of is distributed through the so-called follower.

By this read the tweet of a spam victim, the message spreads further. \”Direct messages: A message is from a spammer, which a user just traced\”. ReTweet spam: This spam of kind of searches for legitimate, non-hazardous tweets within Twitter and re-this post one with the addition dangerous URL. Trend-spam: Here find cybercriminals current topics (hot topics), for example, happened after the death of Michael Jackson and turn your own tweets on the subject with reference to infected Web sites.

Looting of resources – infighting with boundlessness self-sufficiency instead of self boost structureless, global capitalism controlled by the greed knows no bounds the plundering of resources. The prerequisite for such destructive economic policies is the neglect of the bourgeois subject. The collective meaning, as they still by the superego”in the bourgeois subject existed, no longer materialize in postmodernism. The individual ethical education must fail, because Postmodernism can no longer deal with the structures of the living world. After the loss of the support of religion and tradition, such structures must be culturally developed and taught the young generation. So how are plundered the resources of the Earth, the physical resources of the children and young people to the destruction are released by their parents and their upbringing. Internet and multitasking support deflection, concentration disorder and addiction.

How will the young Generation to cope, if no structure-giving help coming from outside. Emotions be confused with real feelings. Early sexual relations between young people promote an emotional subjugation and a lack of real emotional relationship design. The anti-baby pill then gives the rest of the body. Extreme sports and the self overstrain during fitness training take no regard of the moderate force limits of the vibrant aspect of the body. After puberty, then quickly threatens a burnout syndrome. The fate of the Earth and the young human body go hand in hand. The hubris would defy gravity and thus missed an increase in self, which would not score by the denial of the boundaries of the material world. On the subject of fitness injury see also: PAL Dragos: fitness without unhealthy – what is Sun fitness?

Many international markets/customers do not have often far more about the techniques/procedures already commonly used in Germany. Strategic considerations will be followed, how (direct, with a partner, only via Internet, etc.) these potential customers informed/addressed and could be won. Due to the progressive internationalisation way should at this point already are discussed and adopted, allowing an as far as possible uniform approach on the different world markets. This significantly reduces the costs and the wheel must not repeatedly invented ‘ are. But it is important ensure that sufficient market and knowledge of mentality are present or available. Following a marketing plan is being developed – provides the framework to the company at the same time, because only if sufficient products are marketed the cashier is right ‘, more investment and growth is triggered. And in such a marketing plan also various scenarios can be depicted, which greatly facilitate the internal financial management.

(Even if the sizes are not comparable) always the sportswear manufacturer PUMA can serve as an excellent example (given by the Board of Directors, Mr Zeitz) developed on the basis of a carefully thought out marketing and business planning during few years from a company with low acronym million turnover into a multibillion enterprise. Even if not ad-hoc involves SMEs billion sales, as such is indispensable and to learn from the large it can’t hurt. Through the implementation of the marketing plan, but also its ongoing adaptation, depending on the course of business, the way of a good and profitable future is very safe can be displayed (as shown in this example as an example). “Two discoveries by Albert Einstein can be this very helpful:” The imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited to what we now know and understand. The imagination but covers the whole world and everything we ever know and understand ‘or’ you must make things as easy as possible. But not simple.

“Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals for more than 35 years with strategic marketing. By the market investigation, to the planning and successful marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he global offers its customers for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, it offers worldwide practical support, coaching and company seminars. Michael Richter international marketing and sales consultant Hauptstrasse 27 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing = = country experiences Tel. 07582-933371