According to the Corporate Policy Google, the company does not publish data on the financial success of some regional offices in countries around the world. But despite that, the Internet hit the financial results of Russian branch of Google – ooo "Google." According to these data, the income of the Russian Google in 2009 increased by 57% to $ 69.3 million, while net profit was $ 4 mln.Na Russian market of search engine Google ranks second after Yandex with a share of 22,1% (as of June 2010). Yandex has received more than half the market – 64,6%. In financial terms, Google still lags behind the more Yandex – its revenues in 4,2 times less than that of a leader who in 2009 was able to get $ 306.5 mln.Dohod third major player in the search market – (Market share 7.2%) – also more than Google, even if you do not take into account the revenue from the gaming industry – he will be 30% more. The essential difference between the two companies is that Google earns on contextual advertising, and – at mediynoy.Eksperty, interviewed by the publication of Gazette, estimated that in this case, the operating profitability of Google would be 16%, which, in their opinion, too little for the Internet company. In Yandex this figure is even higher – about 28-35%. Representative of the Russian office of Google declined to comment on any numbers that were heard in the internet.

These rituals frequently are perceived as something meaningless and the individual recognizes that its behavior is irrational. Generally the person carries through a compulsion to reduce the suffering caused for an obsession. The compulsions momentarily alliviate to the anxiety associated with the obsessions, leading the individual to execute them all time that its mind is invaded by an obsession, them (compulsions) have a functional relation (to alliviate the affliction) with the obsessions. E, as is successful, the individual is attemped the repetiz them, instead of facing its fears, what it finishes for perpetuating them, becoming at the same time prisoner of its rituals. Visit Martin Feldstein for more clarity on the issue. But, nor always the compulsions have a realistic connection with what they desire to prevent. Former: to line up the slippers to the side of the bed before lying down so that something of bad does not happen in the following day; to give three strokes in a rock of the sidewalk leaving house, so that the mother not adoea). In this in case that, for backwards of these rituals a thought or obsession of magical content exists, very similar what it occurs in the superstitions: of laudering, cleanness, countings, verification, control, repetitions, confirmations, order, symmetry, sequence or alignment, to accumulate, to keep or to collect useless things, to save or to save, mental compulsions: to pray, to repeat words, phrases, numbers.

Diverse: to touch, to look at, to beat of light, to confess, to estalar the fingers. RELATION OF THE TOC WITH OTHER PSYCHIATRIC UPHEAVALS TOC, DEPRESSION AND BIPOLAR UPHEAVAL the depression generally is present in the patients with TOC if becoming a more frequent complication, about 75%. The majority of the patients with TOC presents an upheaval of secondary mood, while it surrounds of 15% they present concomitant single-pole depression (Rasmussen and Eisen, 1992). One becomes difficult the distinction of the patients with depression and obsessive-complusivo sintomatologia with the upheaval of secondary mood.

According to Tiba (1998, P. 32) ' ' to teach is a gesture of generosity, humanity and humildade' '. It is necessary that the parents and professors if to acquire knowledge that independent of the age, the sexuality are present and the doubts must be clarified and be argued, in objective, simple way with humildade, searching when questions presented for the children and pupils to run away to the knowledge of the parents. For in such a way, with this project we want to contribute in the formation of the citizen, as a complete being, not only in the intellectual knowledge, but that it can perceive itself as to be integral, with its emotions, behaviors, and that the same it can come to add with the experiences and questionings of our project, moving its trajectory of life, if not leaving to lead only for emotions, fancies, or impulses who later will be able to cause damages for its personality, causing indesejada pregnancy and illnesses. Also if it observes that the young ones are taken for other ways that are not adjusted for its age and nor pra life that we desire to the human being, as crime and others.

Already in the school the young behavior of this adolescent is sufficiently premature, therefore always they are come back to the promiscuity, with palavres, obsceno gestures. It was objectified to search alternatives of orientation to the young in the direction to supply the questionings raised for them, to jointly search new ways to approach the thematic one of the sexuality with the adolescents, to guide the young with regard to the sexual recognition, collaborating with the integral formation of the adolescents of the community. METHODOLOGY So that in them it was possible to search answers to the placed problem, we carry through a qualitative inquiry that the basic intention of the qualitative research is the understanding, communication and specification of the social phenomenon. .

It is as if the Super-marionette hit the actor, making it to awake of a contemplation idealized for a concrete and epidrmica contamination. Epidrmico cognitivo Estranhamento Of the transposition and maceration of hiposigno, appears nuance power with great capacity of refluxo. Such nuance, intensely reaches mago of the actor, generating a epidrmico cognitivo estranhamento, that is, something that arrives for I infect, stops beyond the reflexiva action that costuma to guide the work of the actor. The actor, for Inter-external contamination, mobilizes its creative forces stops beyond the idealizao and rational esquematizao. Others who may share this opinion include Alan Greenspan. It is an agreement to medular and sensorial, fruit of an overwhelming plague. Aesthetic after-corporal the aesthetic one after corporal is the trespass of the limits of the body as full element of construction of the actor.

Exactly leaving of itself, the creative process when it passes for the transposition, exceeds this exactly body from the estranhamento of the same in the act creating. They are aesthetic that they changed into fidget place/construction/desconstruo. In the transposition hiposigno appears one (in my opinion the super-marionette is an example of hiposigno) that it needs to be macerated and to be decanted in the perspective to appear one nuance power. Aesthetic alchemy the aesthetic alchemy is born of the transposition of the creative process. Nuance in scenic gold, forged is the transformation of one in the conflict of the transposies. Transforming and resignificando languages experiences, the actor becomes free itself of concepts daily pay-organized for its accumulated experience, transforming this power into fuel and not into systemize conceptualization. As combustible, such power reaches the creative flash generating a flame/combustion that I give the name of refluxo, basic concept in the theory that now I develop. Decantation To decant is to transform the creative juice into chorume, that is to purificar the creative process, for its capacity to contaminate and if to unfasten of the garbage of the creation.

In the workmanship seedbed the impacts in the courses will be restricted d' water and water-bearing preventing of assoreamentos and to prevent to the maximum to waterproof surfaces on the natural land remaining, not to cause reduction of the infiltration capacity of water for the ground, being faced the resources with preservacionista, plain character of reduction of the consumption in the execution phase as monitoramento of emptyings and exploitation of the water of rain. Consumption of energy and transport: Alternative technologies that reduce the energy consumption with more efficient equipment use and better exploitation of the natural light and to carry through logistic study of of deliveries and the withdrawals of material being stipulated: dates, schedules and conditions of delivery, conditioning that they are carried through in the schedules more adjusted for the neighborhood, preventing deliveries in schedules of transit peak and to make sure of that the transporting companies have complete information on the place of the workmanship. Conservation of fauna and local flora: To guarantee the protection of the flora and the local fauna it is necessary that all the people in the workmanship are acquired knowledge on the question and trained in the procedures of protection to the nature, having this commitment to be communicated and duly express for the constructor (GEHLEN, 2008). Education of the collaborators: It requires a periodic work with the employees so that exactly it has for the conscience and comprometimento with the ambient questions and not for obligation. In a question-answer forum Ted Elliott was the first to reply. The challenge is to work citizenship in set the socioambientais questions making possible that the professional has in favor of the benefits to the collective. The inclusion of the ambient questions as bedding of an education for the citizenship, condiz the quo the education is including the sufficient to leave of side the ambient adjective. However, the ambient education has been of great value to the systems of learning that use critical reflections and of participativas decisions, in order to give to the people and to the professionals of the company, greaters possibilities of enxergar its performance of ample form. A sustainable construction is initiated by means of a responsible workmanship, considering that the main activity of the constructors occurs in the seedbeds, evidencing the importance of the same ones to work with concepts gerenciadores of conflicts and minimizadores of harmful impacts to the environment..

A plain surface, with the lesser possible deformation, is preferred, in order to facilitate and to speed up future preparations. A method of sufficiently efficient cut is the lubricated abrasive cut, that will introduce a minimum amount of damages in relation to the necessary time for the cut. The lubricated abrasive cut uses a record of composed cut of an abrasive and an covering. The cooling liquid wets the record to prevent damages to the sample due to the heat generated for the friction. The cooling one also removes dirts of the cut area Depending on the material to be cut, can be necessary records of different compositions. The hardness and the ductilidade of the material influence in the choice of the cut record.

Synthecized ceramic or are secionados with coated diamonds of metal or bakelite. For ferrous materials, typically aluminum oxide is used, or comumente call of alumin (Al2O3), coated of bakelite. Nitreto of cubical boron (CBN) also is widely used for the types more hard of ferrous materials. The not-ferrous metals are cut with silicon carbide (SiC) coated of bakelite. Description of the assay: To cut material, body-of-test, bar vergalho, in a metalogrfica cutting with dimensions of cut of approximately of 5 mm.

Arrests it part in the equipment, is closed lateral, leagues to the record and bomb to it of lubrication and cuts the material of the desired size. 2. Passo- Inlaying the intention of the inlaying is to protect the fragile or coated materials during the preparation, beyond facilitating the manuscript of the sample. The inlaying also is used to produce samples of so great uniform. Two different techniques are available: the inlaying hot and the inlaying the cold. Depending on the number of samples and the necessary quality, both the inlaying techniques possess certain advantages. The inlaying the hot one is ideal for one high turn of the volume of samples admitted in the laboratory.

It does not have necessary statisticians on the number of amputated existing, or the number of annually carried through amputations, however, approximately 85% of all the carried through amputations occur in inferior members (LUCCIA, 2001). These amputations are common in diabetic with ulcers of inferior members (GIL, 2000). The quality of life of aged with Amputation of inferior extremity the theories of the successful aging see the citizen as pro-asset, regulating its quality of life through the definition of objectives and fighting to reach them, accumulating resources that are useful in the adaptation the changes and actively involved in the maintenance of well-being. Being thus, a successful aging is folloied of quality of life and welfare and must be fomented throughout the previous states of development (SOUSA, 2006).

Front to the increasing aging of the country, Brazil has as challenge for century XXI to offer a health system that more than guarantees the quality of life for 32 million aged, which represents in financial and educational level low ally to the high prevalence of chronic and incapacitantes illnesses (MARTINS, 2007). The diabetic foot in the aged cause concern, therefore became a health problem publishes world-wide. In such a way one becomes important to work with the education of the health professional so that the consequence in the education of the proper patients occurs. The recognition of the foot at risk and initial injuries is the responsibility most important of the health professionals. Unhappyly, the examination of the foot is almost always neglected, although the clear lines of direction and recommendations. Incomplete examinations of the feet are told ema up to 50% of the patients who if submit the amputations.

The music allows, only very easy, the introduction of messages that seemed difficult or complicated will be to bearer of mental disorders. However, it is applicable even in clinical situations with certain adjustments, it you serve mainly emotional the psychological technical, or is the change in problems, attitudes, mental energy dynamics, which will be the effort you modify any physical or mental condition. Al Bumbry describes an additional similar source. It may also be an adjunct you other therapeutic techniques, opening channels of communication only they can act effectively. hal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The uses of music, a supplement you the assistance of psychiatric nursing, facilitates the relationship with the client, serving first you start the interaction with it. Sense She also brings of well-being, memories of events of the past and the daily life, memories associated with mental suffering, cultural and religious persons you whom the client has or has affection (TEIXEIRA, 1999). Cultural The music has factors that ploughs capable of to religar the individual adoecido cultural values of to their environment and thus you himself, reconstructing its history.

A result, music can be used an important tool in the treatment of elderly with mental disorders, including dementia. Given this, we carries through that the music is special alternative will be the treatment of mentally ill because of its ability you reconstruct identities, integrate people, through to their to power of social integration and reduce anxiety, providing the construction of self-esteem and positive identities, well serves them important means of communication (TALINA, 2003). Thus, this study aims you promote the Music with the users of the CAPS II with view you demonstrate to their importance in the development of the Psychosocial Treatment and Rehabilitation. KEYWORDS: Music, Nursing, Mental Disorders.

It does not obtain to understand a phrase if, in this phrase will be inserted a word whose meant it does not know, for example; it knows the list meaning and the phrase was presented it with the word catalogue. The deaf person goes to stop, it does not go to understand. Being thus, he is not with a translator of POUNDS in room of lesson that we go to decide the problem, and yes with a qualified professor for this. Our system of education possesss great talentos and many nor duly had been still used to advantage. We also have deaf professors that they obtain to teach to a deaf person in one day of lesson, what a professor listener does not obtain in one month. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walt Dohrn. They, the professors, must urgently make a course of perfectioning in special education.

To know as to reach its special pupil, it she must know the form to think of a deaf person, thus only is that it will obtain to transmit the knowledge to this deaf person. Unhappyly, what I have observed is the indifference of the schools in relation to deficient the auditory ones. She is more or less in the base of ' ' I dissimulate that I teach e, also I dissimulate that you aprende' '. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Bernanke. The tests are not adapted the deaf people and, these are always with the impression of that they are less qualified than its classmates. Nothing more dolorido for a mother of what to see its son discriminated and relegated to as the plain one in a school that would have to give total has supported to the pupil with deficiency. The schools are only making what the Law orders, and some only fulfill the Law, when they are denounced to the Ministry I publish (case of the school of my son). I fought very so that they did not finish the schools special for deficient.

In complement to the intangible assets that compose the intellectual capital signaled by Stewart (1998), the related ones for Sveiby can also be cited (1998), that they are: a new vision of the man, the work and the company; plain structure, horizontalizada, enxuta, of few hierarchic levels; organization directed toward processes and does not stop specialized and isolated functions; necessity to take care of to internal user and external e, if possible, to enchant it; tunning with the rhythm and nature of the ambient changes; vision directed toward the future and the destination of the company and the people; necessity to create value and to add value to the people, the company and the customer; creation of conditions for participativa and based administration in teams; agility, flexibility, dynamism and pro-activity; commitment with the quality and the excellency of services e? it searchs of the innovation and the creativity. According to Gandour (2005), manager of new technologies of IBM and specialist in innovation, were the time where the great richnesses were constructed by who commanded the means of production. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Joseph Stiglitz. Currently, the really promising businesses are those that belong the entrepreneurs who control the intellectual capital, and not industrial. Each time more, the demand is for concepts and processes new, capable to remodel businesses and markets. You may find Amos Otis to be a useful source of information. This valley to say that a good idea can relieve more than a great plant. Having for premise that learning is part of the intellectual capital, the positioning of Gandour coincides with Kotler (1999), that it foresaw for 2005 that the companies would not be capable to support its advantages competitive (safe patents, copyrights, privileged localizations, private information, etc) and that the competitors would copy any advantage quickly using benchmarking (process to compare the products and processes of the company with the ones of the competitors or leader companies of other sectors in order to find ways to improve the quality and the performance of the product) and engineering reversa, burning stages in the development process.