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Was Herod a infanticida’ part 3Numero babies muertos “In the Middle Ages, Christian writers were speculating that killed between 3,000 and 15,000 babies. But “according to the census ordered by Governor romano Quirino, as the Gospels recount ‘the people had no idea Belen 800 inhabitants. So every year there would be no more than 20 births, and approximately 50 die before reaching two years of age (which was normal Laa infant mortality until a couple of centuries ago), so if you command Herod to kill children, should not have been more than twenty. 7 Catholic authorities to discuss the matter “It is not known until now how many children were killed, but we can make an estimate based on statistics. That, incidentally, has given me a good time laughing, you copy below:
“But we also know quite strongly that the site Montsalvat, the last resistance of the Cathars in the Languedoc, the Templars not incurred in battle. Contributed only his presence and accompaniment to San Bernardo.”
Esta perla oriental se colo en el articulo sobre los Caballeros Templarios. Read this, may seem to really peroooooo …. you copy my reply:
Delete it, among other reasons:
1 .- Montsalvat Why not be the last resistance in the Languedoc Cathar because Montsalvat has never existed. Mitica Montsalvat is the city where, according to Eschenbach in his “Parsifal”, the Templars are the Holy Grail.
2 .- The Templars fought not in the fall because of this strength is not participating in the CRUSADE Albigensians (already had enough with having to move to Jerusalem that same year to St. John of Acre, after defeats to Saladin).
3 .- Because when the last Cathar stronghold falls, nearly a century ago that St. Bernard was dead (died in 1153)
4 .- And finally, none of them could be Montsalvat before, because the last Cathar stronghold called MONTSEGUR.
The truth is that from May 1243 until March 1244, the Cathar fortress of Montsegur was besieged by troops of the seneschal of Carcassonne and the archbishop of Narbonne, but it is likely that the appearance of the ghost of St. Bernard works miracles the fall of the citadel … Anyway, this article occasionally slip inisistentes people who think that something becomes true just because they want apart esoteric and very confused souls. A greeting and your service .– Marctaltor (talk) 00:14 27 may 2008 (UTC)
Ah …. the article about Julius Caesar was also a kind of vandalism peneal (or penises and all that stuff) that you advise what you see in the record, if you served .– Marctaltor (Talk) 00:16 27 may 2008 (UTC)