A Symbol Of Courage

For many generations of Russian sailor Georgy Sedov was a symbol of courage, determination, the officer's honor. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak by clicking through. But have always been people willing to be called stupid courage, devotion to duty fanaticism, and the initiative of the desire for a career. One of the most famous polar explorers Fridtjof Nansen Norwegian peace by examining the autumn of 1913 the results of Sedov on , in an interview with 'New time, 'said:' Even if the Sedov and failed to reach Franz Josef Land, then in that case, he collected scientific material is sufficient to consider the results of the expedition is very, very helpful. " 'These words – writes in his article Russian scientist and explorer, pv Boyarsky, – it must be remembered, as before the revolution, and then in the last decades of the twentieth century, those who could not do like that, repeatedly tried to throw mud and very Sedova, and the results of his expedition, and those who helped organize it. " In Moscow there is a monument to F.

Nansen, who was a great friend of Russia, he once donated money for the expedition gy Sedov. But, alas, in the current capital, there is no memorial mentions of Sedov. But he visited Moscow and met with va Gilyarovsky, other known Muscovites. Streets named Sedov is in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in honor of whom they are named for the many residents of large secret, given that the Sedov name is not unique to Russia. On the Internet there are many references that supposedly in some northern town is a monument to the dog Frahm, who became a vivid symbol of fidelity.