The trout fishing is considered one of the most attractive worldwide due to the requirement that requires, above all if decide to practice the technique to fish with artificial worms. Some experience is needed already in various fisheries for polishing to perfection capture of trout with artificial. My goal with the article is that you can advance as quickly as possible with these 3 tips I am going to deliver today. Read well, pay attention and not you blurs… 1. Light fishing equipment: when I refer to light I specifically to the fishing rod must be lightweight and with much flexibility in the pointer, this will help you in extreme way to your artificial movements whether earthworms or weights are looking more natural and get fooled your prey easily. The reel must be lightweight too, but especially fast when collecting your thread fishing.

2. Artificial worm or weights of 35 cm: these 2 artificial baits are most effective without doubt to achieve good catches of trout. Now, the trick here is that these attachments are brightly colored but above all who possess BRILLITOS embedded in its design, this that you have just mentioned is of great importance to draw the attention of trout that prowl the fishing zone. In the case of the artificial worm you should launch it with a small plomito that go just above the head of the hook that is attached to your worm, trafficking than the plomito taper, so will help that trout do not frighten; the earthworm must throw it, expect to reach the bottom and IRLA picking up little by little, slow well, giving 2 touches on the pointer and waiting a few seconds to collect your thread spool; the trout bite going to feel almost insensitive, often think it is jammed in any branch or rock…, but quiet time that practise it more often you acostumbraras to catch the exact touch to this. In the case of the rapala you must be the size you mentioned but you should not fall to the bottom to be released, as you’re going to pick it up a little more fast giving milestones with your cane and simulating a Minnow that is drifting to medium water, if you do it as well as you explain the results you will have will be impressive. 3 Places and season: and lastly you should know that trout attack with greater veracity to feed in the winter months, for example, here in the Caribbean December, January and February are the paradise to achieve good catches; This is the season where the trout they mate and feed more on caring for their nests. And the places that I recommend are: close the floodgates of dams where notes that there are many stones on the bottom and near the shores. Also notes where there are outstanding Palisades on the surface and close to where you see lots of vegetation. These sites that you mentioned are those of greater productivity of catches are going to achieve. Well, I hope you liked the article, I love you exhotar to put into practice these tips tell you and leave me a comment if you were helpful, you would also like to invite my website to you flood you much valuable information. Sincerely, Jasioda Dominguez-pescador experienced original author and source of the article.