When a program of exercises begins much people do not feel safe with respect to what he is the best thing for them, if to make or exercises with weights aerobic. The best answer to this question is: BOTH. A good program of exercises would have to also include cardio and weights. But before beginning it is necessary that you know to the differences between both and the different benefits that contain each of these exercises. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue. The aerobic exercise fortifies the cardiovascular system.

Concentrating itself in the sanguineous lungs, heart and conduits, when fortifying the cardiovascular system your body will have more resistance and your body will work of more efficient way. A good cardiovascular health will reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. Also it prevents many types with cancer, it reduces the risk of embolias, it offers a general health far better and it contributes to one more a longer life. The aerobic exercise in addition eliminates corporal fat, reason why it is an excellent resource to lower fundamentally of weight of healthy way, and losing what really that is considered serious in his attempts to become thin would have to consider. The loss of permanent weight is based on reducing the percentage of corporal fat and conserving the amount of muscle that is had. And in that sense, if we combined a good routine of aerobic exercises next to a healthful diet certainly can achieve east objective. The exercises with weights are the process to fortify muscles using the resistance of weight.

When having a strong body the risks of injuries and diseases are reduced. The exercises with weights not only fortify muscles but they increase the densidad osseous, reducing the risk of fractures. Studies have shown that who rise weights benefit in the same way that a person who does cardio. Ideally, the best program of exercises is that one that combines cardio and forces. An exercise that combines types of activities both is swimming. To swim requires of the use of a pile of muscles at the same time and accelerates the heart rate and the breathing. But also very many options exist to combine both, cardio and weights. When it is wanted to plan a program it tries to combine types of exercises both. Weights with jogging, cycling with Russian weights, calistnicos with classes of aerobicses, etc. The list is interminable. And as we spoke previously, if you look for to become thin you will benefit the double if next to your diet you incorporate both types of training.