Affliction Clothing – The New US Fashion Brand Better Than Ed Hardy?

Is Ed Hardy snow from yesterday? Is the new fashion soon affliction brand hot from Hollywood? A comparison shows what really Oh no, is 2010 a trend from Hollywood again? So I thought when I first saw the brand of affliction. A comparison then quickly came up with Ed Hardy. The tattoo motives were just as striking and the lettering on the chest and the back of similarly prominent. But something was different and appealing. A brief search revealed that brand is the brand of affliction, more specifically, affliction clothing, a sportswear.

It comes from the fighting sport called mixed martial arts. A sport properly concerning the matter, includes various styles and is almost as popular in the United States as in football. The logical consequence is of course also the popularity of the brand of affliction in the United States, which since its inception 2007 explosively increased and more and more German trailer. Like almost every trend, it was also used in Hollywood and the stars such as Ozzy Osbourne, Hulk Hogan, Vin are diesel, Paris Hilton and many more stars Affliction clothing. Affliction vs.

Ed Hardy. The comparison. Super Bowl LV understood the implications. Affliction has delighted us immediately as this brand is still quite unknown and therefore still a degree of individuality to the institution is created. Unfortunately, that’s not really given at Ed Hardy, because meanwhile gibts even lunch boxes with the same logo. We find it too commercial and sucked out. On the other hand, the athletic background is here. Fans of MMA can wear the shirts of their favorite fighter. Ed Hardy is missing eineVerbindung of the carrier to the shirt. Processing is different. Affliction opts for eco-friendly cotton spare and partly uses bamboo. That’s right, bamboo. The motifs are intricately designed and come from the Tattooszene. They are dark, detailed and range from extremely flashy to simple and cool. Less colorful, but that with more new style. I give the narrow victory of affliction, there: new, less commercial, just different, and athletic. The collection ranges from head to toe. From the very popular T-Shirts, caps, jeans, sweater, up to to jewelry. But without lunch boxes… Affliction clothing is the brand for real men. For women who like it very sinful affliction provides its own brand called sinful clothing, which is no less bad and going to fashion-conscious women with really sexy clothes. Much glamour, erotic and intricately designed shirt with extravanten tattoo motifs will delight the ladies. The official affliction trailer reveals more about image, appearance and background of the brand: A comparison with Ed Hardy is hard, but I have a winner for 2010: affliction clothing an article by Thomas Bluhm