Venezuela, our country, humbly, in revolution, within the framework of the Millennium development goals, marks a 6% unemployment. It should think about all the mental pelabolas that walk with your Seraphic, alienating and alienated American dream when I see these boys students called youth active Venezuela Unida (JAVU) go on strike against the OAS, where risk their lives to claim freedom of a group of criminals, murderers and corrupt, saying they are political prisoners, one really does not know what feeling, if that could choose at will: If laugh seeing similar donkey on the backs of the white hands, cry by the madness of the other or go crazy because of living in such convoluted world. Frank Ntilikina is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Humoral levels? or humorous? increase when one thinks of the names of the alleged prisoners or political exile: Mazuco, precedents, Pilieri, Eligio Cedeno, e., sluice, Zuluoga, Ortega, Simonovis, Forero, Vivas, kicking the table of reason and start to bust Mezerhane glass is what causes, crazy one too, damn, by so much indignity! But see the utmost in matter as promosas: U.S. promotes and finances to these creatures of unreason, trying to repeat an egiptazo in Venezuela, to strive with these white buttocks babies dream with large expanses of tents that are protesting, as the plaza Tahrir in Egypt, until the tyrant well, because, like there was with Mubarak. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Randall Rothenberg has to say. Go, go, go! This does cause laughter, to the sea of ridiculous and destemplado, and how much reality is that beyond the U.S., intramuros, have the ranch burning with a square of Tahrir square that takes shape in Wisconsin (with solidarity from other States, such as Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas), gradually filling with tents for hundreds of educators and public employees who the State seeks to curtail their benefits in favour of the rich. Read them two slogans of the protesters, so they meen of laughter (if it is that they don’t have another physiological need, and,) eye, respecting the seriousness of the claim): protested as an Egyptian and if Egypt can have democracy, by which no Wisconsin on it should think all mental pelabolas that walk with your Seraphic, alienating and alienated American dream, that ailing claim of ideal of a golden age that never was, nor will be, by the winds that blow..