Axe Education

Dom Casmurro the romance dom Casmurro, properly does not say in education, but exemplifica for some ways the way as she was done in century XIX. What if it can infer that the education received for bentinho was responsible for its casmurrice. Seno, let us see: only son, it early is orphan. In house, he lives confined. The mother, D.Glria, are very religious, but of a religion of appearances, therefore bentinho goes for the seminary for promise, and promise that finishes for if changed, also lives of incomes, what it points as somebody in the periphery of the capitalism. D.Glria does not point as somebody energetic thing as well as is not the uncle Cosme, lawyer, sluggish. Justina cousin is an aggregate and without proper sustenance.

Jose Days, smart and to its energetic way, also finishes for being for Bentinho a model of adequacy to the convivncias. Perhaps it finishes for being, in the lack of the father, the masculine model of Bentinho. Perhaps either, with Jose Days that Bentinho learns to insinuate he says, it in ' ' tone menor' '. Or it will be Capitu? Or wanted it to say that this is a human behavior? Axe leaves to see indistinctly another problem of century XIX _a education of the woman: it normally does not go to the school; what it learns is in the home. Axe prefers the women who think. Hear other arguments on the topic with NBA. By the way, preferred Axe this type of education? On the other hand, in this of the mother to complete the son would not be an idea of that Ezequiel (son) was dissimulated as Capitu? It would have learned with it, or he was hereditary? Axe, in the literary text, does not affirm, insinuates, leaves to the reader its conclusions. It will not be its real agreement of the Pedagogia? She will not be this practical pedagogical that it recommends? The education of the woman According to R.Magalhes Jr, ' ' Axe is sentencioso of ours escritores' '.