Try these activities: Show your baby light and dark contrast attached to toys including baby mobiles, rattles, wrist and other educational toys. Return books with photos that have contrasting colors. And if you do not mind going a little overboard, surrounding your baby with objects that have contrasting colors. These may include, area of the beds, and even play yourself. Yes, you can actually wear shirts with stripes when tending to your baby. But wait, research has also shown that newborns can only focus their eyes on objects 8-12 inches away from them.

Therefore, try to stay within that limit, when interacting with your baby. Beyond the newborn. About 2 months, your baby will be able to move from highly contrasting colors of bright bold colors. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is often quoted on this topic. Your baby will also enjoy the side and is ready to see a moving object, as well as fixed. Here are some activities you can try: Activity gym, baby play or mobile: Put your baby on her back and put the gym, play, or the baby on your mobile.

Move the toys like a pendulum. Activity rattle or other objects, move the rattle from left to right or up and down. Mirror: show the face of your baby. Improve this activity, indicating their facial features and talk about them. When your baby about five months, train your baby's eyes to focus even more. These following exercises will help your child develop concentration and increase curiosity. Playing hide and seek with your baby. Playing with a yo-yo and encourage your baby to see the movement yo yo. Dripping or throwing a ball. Encourage your baby to follow the movement of the ball. . Follow a reel of the activity: roll a spool of thread to your baby and then move in the opposite direction (ie, farther from it). Let your baby's eyes follow the movement. Put a small ball or marble in a large bowl. Tilt pan and move around, so that the ball moves around the cup. Show this to your baby and let your baby's eyes follow the movement. Play a simple game of hide and seek with your baby. If your baby has been properly stimulated visually, at 8 months, your baby must have completed their visual development and has a good vision. Dian Dewi is a mom and webmaster of a website that provides guidance on how to choose toys that are fun, safe and educational. This website also contains tips on how to use toys to maximize the child's development. This website provides information on choosing educational toys and how to use them effectively.