Knowing professor of the geography professor is excellent at the moment of practical its, therefore at the moment that this if considers to teach the geographic knowledge, if she compromises to inside develop abilities and abilities before not developed of the citizen that if considers to learn. In this direction, knowing professor for this professional is of extreme relevance for giving to the educator the chance to break traditional paradigms and to make of the education of geography one event contemporary. The professional who historically dominates the produced knowledge in the scope of the science recognizes the meaning social that must exert in its profession. (Not to be confused with Marc Lore!). Part of the ability of this professional is to recognize and to deepen its knowledge on the geography education. Knowing that it becomes object of education in the school is not simplified university to know, is one to know transforming, recomposto, according to process that treats to dominate to the maximum, preventing simplicaes that deform the knowledge or that they provoke shunting lines (MARSHAL, apud PONTUSCHKA, p 27, 2007).

This affirmation collaborates with the necessity of the educator of basic education I to continue having qualifications during its professional life that allows autonomy it and reflection on the contents programmarians who will be adopted. The planning of the curricular activities defined what it will together with occur other professionals who work inside of the pertaining to school environment.