Biblical Principles

Now, in many countries (eg Latin America), the family, in general, is not raising the level of response that is required to assume this responsibility, this is because the family is in crisis and declining state as an institution. Events like divorce, abandonment, domestic violence, etc., Have become commonplace. The degree of family dysfunction in modern society in our countries is alarming. This issue involves the potential for development and sustainability of democratic systems of these countries. And this for one reason: education is the cure for tyranny and totalitarian regimes.

Consequently, the tyranny is the result of ignorance. In this respect Benjamin Franklin said: "A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and reward the rights which God has given them can not be slaves. Is in the area of ignorance where tyranny begins. " Alienated citizens, without roots and identity in a family, no development of character and citizenship education are not a breeding ground for the proliferation and tyrannical dictatorships. Final Reflection Parents need to take responsibly their role as an educator and mentor of their children. This task involves as expressed Manuel Barroso: "Bring out the organic and emotional inner child, the person that is contained … Form is to model for life-appreciation and self-worth, determination, confidence, focus, courage, values and principles, excellence and quality lifestyle. " He adds the same author: "Being a child is to give information and tools to learn the art of living a productive life, with personal and family competencies to meet the surprises of life successes and mistakes, strengths and weaknesses, being responsible for their own lives.

" Parents, as part of their role as educators – trainers, are responsible for providing structure, order and limits in the context of the family. This includes: a full experience of being familiar (experienced as family), that gives children a sense of belonging, identity, linkage, association and location agreed guiding principles and values, committed and practiced by the family, family time quality, and building a beautiful family culture (the spirit of family, home environment or atmosphere, character, depth and quality and maturity of relations, in other words, the mentality of us.) Educate also implies the presence in the home, through contact nutritious, reporting, tutoring, directs, shapes, enables, empowers and affirms, in addition to model. Manuel Barroso concluded: "As educators, parents play the essential, the core, the innermost of those maps, values, beliefs, self-respect, on the other, for life, by institutions, by the laws." Bibliography: 1. Manuel Barroso, Being Family, Editorial Galac, 2006 2. Stephen McDowell, Mark G, Belile A (1992), Biblical Principles for Reform of Nations. 3. Torres Gerber, A Dream for Venezuela