Bioethanol Fireplaces

Fire for indoors and outdoors with a fireplace without fireplace Oberburen, 02.07.2013: bioethanol fireplaces are enjoying increasing popularity. Here you can sit comfortably in the evening on the fireplace, even if not in the House is built. The flames are produced with ethanol. An ethanol fireplace fulfilled his dream of the romantic fireplace, without having any fixtures need to be made. Fire for indoor and outdoor fire pits are very decorative. So you have a fireplace without fire, because these fireplaces don’t need a chimney.

The modern fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors. Also the neighbour will feel not disturbed, if you used the ethanol fireplace on the balcony or the terrace, because the ethanol burns without smoke and odorless. It is important that you use only pure bioethanol, because only this burns without smoke, odor and harmful substances. Inside, using the bio-ethanol fireplaces must be lifted however sufficient. For this, so are these fireplaces without chimney beautiful like a living picture to look at.

Because there is an open fire, you must ensure that security measures these fireplaces also on security. Of course you should do not leave unattended children with these fireplaces. It is a foam extinguishers safely always handy to have, because you should not extinguish with water. Further details can be found at Frank Ntilikina, an internet resource. You may refill no ethanol, as long as the fire is still burning, but it needs to be always burn it down. Some ethanol fireplace can be turned off by a reduction of air flow. (Delete function) You should not store the remaining ethanol next to the fireplace, it could catch fire. Considering the security measures, you can have fun with the fireplace. Decorative columns of fire the modern fire columns go back to the traditional Sweden fire. This is a long piece of wood, which is used by an internal Wick aflame and then with burns. In contrast to this, the fire pillars are but always reusable and fully clean the burning. Through the Column effect radiates the heat over a larger area and you can warm up very well. There is no smoke and also no soot residue, no neighbor will complain and you can enjoy a unique fire on your balcony or on the terrace. With different columns of fire, each garden party is a success and the guests will envy one. If you have a bare winter garden, it can be used much longer, because we have a real fire, the room degrees warmer is now 3-4. Romantic fire, coupled with meaningful use. Here you can watch for hours and the play of light and the heat are a pure delight. Even on cooler days allows the pillar of fire a long sitting on the terrace or the balcony without must freeze you. You can watch the interesting play of the flames for hours, without being boring. So, you can arrange the most beautiful garden parties. Company Description: Fireplace fireplace GmbH ethanol fireplaces or bioethanol fireplace offer without the campfire experience in your own four walls. While you can integrate ideal fireplace the ethanol fireplace or the bioethanol in the former living atmosphere. Our fireplace are location-independent and floating shield. Request our brochure or visit our showroom in Oberburen. Company contact: Fireplace without fireplace GmbH Burerfeld 1a 9245 Oberburen phone + 41 71 951 75 70 fax + 41 71 951 92 57 E-mail: web: video: watch? v = oOIo-SA3_nE