Biologically Active Additives

Dietary supplements – a combination of natural and biological active natural ingredients that are added directly to foods to provide the missing substance of the human body (Proteins, phospholipids, vitamins). Introduction of dietary supplements in modern medicine has contributed several reasons. One of the most important – the human body, due to changes in dietary pattern, was require additional materials. In turn, changes in the structure of human nutrition has arisen with the development industry – plant foods began to be used much less, and after all plant foods contain a lot of useful vitamins needed by anyone. Also negatively affected by industrial processing of agricultural products – scientists believe that agricultural products in the processing lose a lot of nutrients.

With the change in dietary patterns are related, and many human diseases ranging from diabetes and finishing with cardiac disease. All biologically active Additives can be divided into two groups: nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. Nutraceuticals – nutritional supplements, which are directed to the chemical enrichment of the human body. They contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutraceuticals to include freeze-dried juices vitamizirovannye drinks, candy vitamizirovannye. The main purpose of nutraceuticals – boost immunity, fight food shortages substances in the body. Parapharmacy – dietary supplements, which are used to prevent the body. Simply put, parapharmacy – natural food components that regulate the internal system of man. The main purpose of parapharmaceuticals – to prevent the whole body, get some organs to work properly. In addition to preventive action, all dietary supplements are used in sports world as a dietary food (as dietary supplements do not contain calories.) Source: nutritional supplements in women's magazine