Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a film that can be included easily in the science-fiction sort, but also is a work shining of black cinema and on the other hand of romance, because first of all I believe that it is a love history. I do not only talk about the plot of Deckard and Rachel, if not to the one of the replicantes with the life. Underneath, or superficially according to it is watched, of all that dark atmosphere is one of the films more romantic than I have never seen. In addition, the lyricism whereupon shows all that amalgam to us of sensations and feelings do that " Blade Runner" a poem can be considered precious, beautiful, wonderful almost. If you are not convinced, visit gymnast. That history of love is the one that serves to be able to speak on the subject appellant as the film: the humanity. One of the own elements of a human being is the fear, and is also one of the keys that the film uses. It is necessary to remember the phrase of the personage who Roy Batty says to him to Deckard when this one is hung of a beam in the emptiness: " It is all a experience to live with fear, truth? That is what means to be esclavo".

Not slave refers only to that has be in colonies, if not to that is by existence, to that it lodges feelings and needs that cannot omit, to that it wants answers for his questions, to that " he feels picor and he cannot rascarse" as he said Leon. And also, on the other hand, one talks about all, because all we are scared, fear to die, of not living as we hoped, to fail, etc we are many scared that burns to us on the inside and before which sometimes it is needed to rebel itself. Roy is rebelled against its creator, Tyrrel, in a metaphor of the human being and God.