Buses From Korea .

There are many reasons: 1. Low cost of Korean buses in comparison with foreign analogues, 2. The assembly is simple and reliable, which makes repair and maintenance of low-cost and cost 3. Design Coach postoyanoo improved taking into account new razraboto 4. Compliance with technical norms and standards in Russia, that apply to passenger buses; 4.Idealno proven to Roossiyskih conditions. Thanks efficiency, reliability, modern design, comfort, Korean buses secured a leading position in the Russian market of passenger transport.

Hyundai Aero city 540, holds the leading position among the urban passenger transport as the bus everything is made comfortable transport .Nalichie two doors you can save time for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, your seat correctly allocated to "sit" and "Standing" room, a large number of handrails handles makes movement in the moving bus, bezopasnym.Konditsioner, vehemently lighting, additional security system makes a comfortable movement of passengers bus. Hyundai County – it's the middle link between city buses and minibuses. It is characterized by its compactness and agility on urban roads. Thanks to modern interior design, the presence of 19 seats, wide aisles between passengers feel comfortable and convenient. Ideal option for routing passengers and staff to deliver on the job. A big plus Korean buses – the location of steering to the left, which corresponds to Russian standards.