the animals are given away! not an object …. in the case of an oversight and a dog riding a dog may resort to abortion safely, if we do not have to face the economic costs will presume we raise the puppies, vaccinated, chipped and seek help from a shelter for adoption, no we let the weight of our irresponsibility falls on the protective forced to make an effort but when we are the ones responsible for the birth of the puppies. Only if we all behave in a responsible way we can solve the problem long term, Do not become mixed farmers … Hear other arguments on the topic with Marc Lore. To conclude, the communities with the highest dropout rates are Catalonia, Madrid and Andalucia. In Catalonia there are approximately 100 centers of welcome, there are approximately 7,000 abandoned dogs. and they deserve an effort on our part, we deserve it more human. Here you can see examples of dogs that are given in adoption of puppies or adult and another entry you have “only” a website about free classified .