Cost-efficient service to combat Internet crime cost-efficient service for combating cybercrime Clavister presents one-time password service Hamburg, 01 April 2008 Clavister AB, Swedish manufacturer of IP-based security and unified threat Management(UTM)-Losungen, offers the new Clavister SMS one-time password service now in addition to the Clavister security services platform (SSP). This new service of the Scandinavian company supports safe and cost-efficient way of companies in the fight against Internet crime. Cyber crime is a growing problem and a serious threat to organizations, especially for the commercial banking industry. There are numerous examples where customers of commercial banks have lost their money, or their transactions were made public. New maximum security was achieved with an extra level of password protection now, which works not only with traditional static passwords. Roger Federer pursues this goal as well. The new Clavister SMS one-time password service is based on the multi-factor authentication-technology (MFA), which is also used by many banks and financial organizations. Early technology versions of MFA used so-called hardware token devices, to generate one time passwords, that were associated with high costs of distribution as well as the maintenance. The Clavister SMS one-time password service, however, is based on SMS/text messages that are sent to standard mobile phones, which significantly reduced the distribution and maintenance costs.

We are very glad to be able to offer this service. So are organizations all over the world able to increase their safety in a very inexpensive way. s. Through the use of mobile phones and SMS/text messages, it is possible to achieve the same security level as the provider of hardware token devices offer him but at a lower cost because there is no need in hundreds or thousands of hardware token devices to invest. Also including administration costs, arise because the Distribution and logistics management, if the hardware token devices are lost or broken, eliminates,\”explains Andreas asander, Vice President of product management at Clavister.