Collateral-Free Credit

Everywhere we are attracted by advertisements for credit unions and banks, alluring slogans like: "Loan without collateral for 30 minutes!", "Credit cash! You only need a passport! "Etc. You may find that NBA can contribute to your knowledge. What attracts such declarations millions of Russians? Of course, first of all it quickly and without delay, get a loan. Also, suggestions of this kind are attractive for those who really have nothing to pawn. But what we get after it decides to take credit without collateral and with the minimum requirements of the bank to a package of documents? The first step is a sum of money and it's great, but at the same time we take on credit obligations to the financial institution under the highest percentages. The reason for this is that credit unions and banks, credit without collateral, assume high risks. These risks are that the borrower does not repay the loan or return it late, even more if the loan issued without giving the borrower's earnings statement and other documents that can verify its financial status and trustworthiness.

Thus, to borrow on favorable terms, one must remember simple truth, the lower the requirements for the package of documents and collateral on the loan, the more its real cost to the borrower. And if you have the opportunity to give the bank its income statement and other evidence sustainable financial position papers, not in a hurry to rush into a beautiful ad, but rather take a loan, choosing their own financial institution by examining several suggestions from well-known and stable banks. Undoubtedly, credit is obtained, for example, Sberbank of Russia, will work for you is much more profitable loans, which will provide you with any of the credit unions. In addition, we can say that the name "credit without collateral is not completely justifies itself, because if there are problems with repayment of debt, the creditor may, through the court to seize all your property, and in consequence to allow him to be auctioned to repay their losses. So that each of us must be prudent when deciding where to take the credit, and do not forget the old adage that the only free cheese is in a mousetrap!