Speak first of university autonomy, developing this constitutional principle, to enter, so simultaneously, to reform the law and 30 higher education you are may the Government managers of those institutions, he said East journal brother Carlos Gomez, rector of the University of La Salle. The new century: What is the position that the University managers of the country have been defined through Ascun? Carlos Gomez: The position of Ascun, of the Association of universities, has been going to talk with the Government. Our position is that a law giving effect to the constitutional principle that guarantees the University autonomy, which precedes the Colombian State is needed. Autonomy won from the beginnings of the University, 10 centuries ago. ENS: Better said, that the Government leave the eagerness and first talk of autonomy CG: not necessarily one then of the other. The two can go. Of course, that in the extent of autonomy to develop, the law is going to be changing.What We would like is that we achieve a dialogue to make a consensual act.

Certainly not reach all that to my I like, or anything that you like, but we will reach far more valuable things suddenly that the country needs. ENS: would have they preferred a prior dialogue? CG: we would have liked to the Academy that the Government project had been studied, worked with the Academy. I believe that other kinds of law, another type of pronouncement of the Government, would have allowed a methodology as that was used; but at the Academy, where is supposed to be the intelligence, people who can help you think better, we would have liked that there had been a previous joint work, especially for reaching founding ideas to develop the law. ENS: what they like of what is known of the project? CG: We met like all Colombians the project presented the Government with a few considerations that we share. .