Every day a new ultimate Dakine offer: it’s not too good to be true? The Dakine shop makes it possible and offers every day daily deals at unbeatable prices to Munich every day, 01.03.2011 a new ultimate Dakine offer: it’s not too good to be true? The Dakine shop makes it possible and every day offers daily deals at unbeatable prices. Depending on the offered articles, you can save up to 40% on this day. Dakine fans can strike now daily. The new varied daily deals makes the Dakine shop shopping paradise for fashion victims. Now, there are popular items of quality brand either individually or as a set for an unbeatable price offer of the day. The top 16 L Dakine Baker made the + purse school set of cult woodland, a Plaid design in muted colours (55 euro) and the Dakine Wonder 15 L + purse school set in colourful patterned Navy / Vivian Plaid, (35 Euro). Only a limited number of sets is still in the Dakine shop in stock and can now only for short time be ordered online at the favourable conditions of the action. These are followed by the today’s daily deal, the shoulder bag of Malina.

The spacious bag for city, Office and leisure time for only 29.90 euros there in the fashionable design plush Plaid, a fresh plaid pattern in shades of light blue, dark blue, and purple. The remaining week is eventful, because tomorrow it goes on with the Dakine riders Duffle Bag. The Leisure and sports bag with clever compartments and water resistant indoor coating for 59 euro comes as a daily deal in the trendy color Kernigan. This design called the friendly Dakine plaid pattern, which is characterized by strong red and shades of gray. On Thursday, school kids are happy about another school set in springtime Blue design for the bargain price of 32 euros, consisting of from the alltime favourite wonder backpack and the matching pencil case Dakine accessory case. Suitable to the weekend, the small but fine leisure bag sector provides the daily deal for fabulous 24 euro on Friday. Which is available practical shoulder bag in the Dakine fashion color Playa, a colour gedeckteren design with subtle embroidery in blue and purple. Although the pre-Christmas period is long gone, may customers of the Dakine shop open now every day a door and be surprised with favorable articles and colour co-ordinated sets. Here is something for everyone! The current article and offers, see de / day offer a customer via the Dakine shop: I am very happy with the service. Hassle-free checkout and super fast delivery. The article is qualitatively good and also cheaper than the competitors!