Dance than who don’t want art to express themselves personally with a partner or a partner on the floor float? Dancing is far more than just rhythmic gymnastics. Dancing is the expression of feeling, heartbeat, courtesy and a charming smile on both faces. In our today’s fast-moving times, which is more and more dominated by anonymity, dancing means add the here and now. Also, not the future is not the past, only the present – in the flow of the music. The right steps, the right attitude are the keys to this tactful experience. Learn dancing is like the conquest of a new world. What is revealed all the salsa can dance who gets a magical smile presented at the Royal Viennese waltz through the right training partner.

How confident is the dance floor into, if alludes to the dance, the music and the movements are known and practiced. Dancing is rhythm, the flow of the movements in real time. How happy to be seen the dance championships of for amateurs and the players admired and envied. This precision and the apparent lightness perceived, considered the laughing partners. That’s it, what dance it is. Anyone can learn it, it only matters that it is learned. Also the participants of the dance championships even started to dance. A very special charm is the dance, but it has nothing to do with magic, only with the right steps.