Dell Computer

Meanwhile, Bill Gates offers improved spreadsheets and other programs. Ted Elliott has plenty of information regarding this issue. Threatens to sell its computer equipment to IBM, the apparent enemy of Apple. At the end end also developing its own operating system based on a similar interface, Windows 2.3.-Michael Dell (Dell Computer): The image of a winner. For those who do not know, just enough to say his name to establish a relationship with who you really are. Michael Dell, the man who gave life to Dell Computer, and who still remains the head of the company, created an empire not only technological but also marked a new paradigm in the way of doing business. His beginnings were in the dormitory of a university and only a thousand dollars in his pocket.

In addition to the computer and the revolutionary ideas that were in his mind. When at age 20 back in 1983, came to the University of Texas, began to build computers to the needs of consumers and their own colleagues were the first users of their products. His vision was that the traditional distribution to sell machines, was inefficient and expensive so I opted to improve both quantity and quality by eliminating the distribution channels with respect to its inception, Dell said it a few years ago that “In fact, the idea I occurred even before college. After I got my first computer when I was in high school, take it apart to see how it worked. I also read every magazine and learned about computer components. At that time the systems were much less complicated. I quickly realized that the total price of all components forming the system was well below the retail price.

The distribution channel added a lot of unnecessary cost without creating customer value. “The basis of his project was a direct relationship with the client, so focused on assembled computers on request, without intermediaries. Concepts such as direct sales, build just-in-time and platform are in daily prayer. This earned him today to be number one in the business and one of the first in the domestic sphere, leaving behind other giants like IBM and Apple. Final Act: What motivates an entrepreneur? The determination of an entrepreneur is evident in his look and manner of speech. But what leads them to assume all risks involved in launching a business?. A sort of obsession for implementing an idea they believe. It is not whether they “want” to do, “have” to do so. This inner motivation, defined as “the urge to work on something that they find personally interesting, attractive or challenging” in some way opposed to the promise of rewards. The most successful entrepreneurs did not pursue “some intangible goal, no bright ideas were interested only imagine other creative individuals as they could recognize. guided the goal was to create something “significant and tangible” as long as they involve a challenge. Entrepreneurs have an extraordinary level of ambition, but not only in terms of becoming rich. The money matters, but what is more eager to “make a difference in the world.”