Disciplines Philosophy

Consideraes on the film ' ' Alexandre' ' the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. The film ' ' Alexandre' ' it has for objective to present the life of one of the personages most important of the history of the humanity: Alexander, the Great one. Kept the critical ones made to this production of the year of 2005, we go abiding in them by the mentioned facts that they make possible in to more understand them a little on the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. the first scene that in them called the attention was when the personage Alexander, still boy, learns lies of philosophy with the proper Aristotle. The scene passed in a garden where the philosopher appears encircled for boys, between them Alexander, and of objective form he goes presenting its thought to ' ' alunos' '.

It was an only chance to see the personificao of the philosopher that we are studying in room. Most of the time we observe sculptures or paintings of the same ones, and of this time it was possible to visualize ' ' prprio' ' Aristotle in action. In this way he enriches study of it disciplines at the moment where we all visualize the panorama of that time. Another reading that can be made was in relation to the cult of deuses still very present at this time where Alexander lived. Although the presence of Aristotle between them, its ideas still esbarravam in the mythical culture.

The presence and the cult deuses permeiam the film all, to start for the proper mother of Alexander who believes piously that he had the son with a god. It denies the all instant that Filipe is the true father of Alexander and creates in the son the idea of that it is son of Zeus. Still under this logic we can cite the scene where Filipe takes Alexander for a species of cave that in the interior also possesss drawings that count to the estrias of deuses and its facts, of Hrcules.