Duisburg Hip-Hop band released their long-awaited new record. On November 17, 2009, the band the bandwidth PolitPop released their new CD. On the EP forced vaccine the latest songs of Duisburg hip can be found. That assumes once again not to mince words for their political lyrics and Groovy beats well-known group, also recorded their latest. The 5-track EP, topics such as the dangers of cell phone radiation (“Handyphob”), (“fear of Lisbon”) the Lisbon reform Treaty, or suffering in Palestine (“Palestine – paradise in the Mediterranean”) are addressed. The media are as well made the subject of musical criticism, (“mirror, mirror”) as the ideology, which has led to the current financial market crisis (“global Casino”) according to Wojna and DJ Torben. Short clarification in 20 min for everyone.

The CD was released by noise of records and marketed in equity sales. Since November 17, 2009, compulsory vaccination is in the online-shop of the band under diebandbreite.de/shop and some selected Music shop at the price of 11 euros. Dealer or press inquiries please contact: noise of records Inn Road 85 46149 Oberhausen Tel: 0208 88422433 noise source records.de bandwidth: the bandwidth is a political pop band from Duisburg. The singer-songwriter Wojna and the sound-tinkerer DJ Torben show entertaining way that even severely policy verdrossene people can be achieved with music and poetry. The bandwidth in true-blue Ruhr pot dialect what sounds like gibberish out politicians mouths, represents mercilessly honest and understandable. By your, partly controversially discussed, songs, and her dedication to the truth movement, the band made himself a name as one of the few German hip-hop group in recent years, which political or social themes into modern pop songs. For more information about the band, see diebandbreite.de