An ecological track is an indicator of the amount of resources of the environment that each person or a certain community uses. This indicator is the answer to one short series of questions on its habits of consumption, food source, sweepings generation, and an approximated estimation of the amount of earth that is needed to maintain to the community where you live. At least 4,5 cultivable earth acres are available them Earth human beings: in the United States, the average track is of 24 hectares. It is evident that a disparity between the Earth use and the resources available exists. By this, many ecologists think that the countries with developed economies more have the obligation to reduce their ecological track so that the future generations can continue having resources that to be useful the ecology of the planet. The citizens also can help to reduce the ecological track of an individual way. It is relatively easy to make small changes that will reduce their ecological track drastically. If you he is arranged to spend more time and energy, you can reduce his ecological track still more.

The first step to follow is to find out what is its ecological track. It makes a pertinent search of " it treads ecolgica" in his favorite motor search of Internet, it will find a site there that will help him to calculate its ecological track with a series of short questions. If you are interested in seeing how the small changes mark the difference, it responds the questionnaire with his normal habits of life and takes kind note from the result. Next, it makes the necessary changes in his style small of life. One of the main forms to reduce its ecological track is to change the way to use the energy. If you rent a house, she tries to buy light bulbs of light economizers, and remembers to extinguish the electronic devices when she is not using them.