Enchantment Without Spells

Sorceresses. No, it is not what it seems, this city has an enchantment that enchants but not with those arts since the name comes from the Hispanisation of the original noun that means bridges, so there are to know that Sorceresses count on more constructions to happen over the water that with magicians and witches, although the magic it does not need. This city, of prettiest of the flamenco zone of Belgium, counts on a pile of pleasures and facilities for the tourist. Phil Neal can provide more clarity in the matter. Its language is the Dutch one but their inhabitants have an amazing facility with the languages reason why we will not have problems to communicate to us in English or other languages (French, German ). In addition the communication in transports also is very good, although the majority of the most interesting points is pedestrian reason why they be not worried of the transport and they walk. We could even not do night in Sorceresses since the trains to the next cities are continuous but for which have fallen in love with this place and wish to also enjoy their night, these are some of the inns Sorceresses: the centric B& B Calis, the romantic Andre” s You see & Breakfast, or the inn of mochileros Snuffel Backpacker Hostel. Narrow, paved with stones and serpenteantes streets, houses of colors, channels, medieval scent are some of the reasons that have made of the historical helmet Patrimony of the Humanity. Reconstructed and recovered it surprises by his predominant style, the neogothic one, and its continuous monuments.

The Greater place lodges the bell tower, of more than 80 meters, and Hallen, market that in its origins sold wool and cloth strictly. The Watchtower is the symbol of the city, formerly thence was watched it of possible fires and argument, now it serves to see one of the best views, although as much step is difficult is worth the trouble. The Provincial palace of century XIX and the houses flamencas of the XVI and XVII are the environs and is that in Sorceresses the eyes never rest, you watch where you watch will be an element to admire. The Burg place, near the previous one by the Breidelstraat street, lodges historical buildings like the Palace of Justice, the City council and the Probosta. In addition it is the Basilica of Santa Sangre, where one keeps according to the tradition, the blood of Christ that brought a count of Flanders in one of its trips to Earth Santa, one of the visited constructions more. The Cathedral of San Salvador or the Church of Our Lady is other religious monuments to see of a great artistic beauty, first for being the oldest parish of the city and second by having a brick tower of great length. Besides the architecture the culture continues with one nourished agenda that has the city. Museums like the Archaeological one, the Groeninge or the Arents House are worthy to visit, exhibitions that are updated continuously, music in direct announced in the door of bars and cafeterias and events in cultural centers, will finish off the visit.

But mainly they give strolls without course, the enchantments majors hide in each stone of his streets. By: Almudena Corral Almudena is an independent traveller who, before working like writer for HostelBookers it crossed several continents discovering the wonders of its cities and towns. In its stay in Belgium it discovered economic inns of quality and where to lodge.