Experience Zhong Yuan Qigong

The term "qigong" literally translates as "work with the energy of qi." Chi energy is not just a philosophical term and abstract category. This has long proved a really existing material substance that can be felt through their senses and measure with the help of physical devices. Qigong – an ancient, powerful and amazingly simple system self-regulation of the body and improve their abilities in any field. You can say this: when we are engaged in some activity, the work included in these or other pixels of the brain. They began to approach the energy of chi.

If a person is nothing serious in life is not engaged, but only practicing qigong, then no effect will be. Clearly, this principle can be illustrated by the circuit: if there is a current source, but no consumption of energy (eg light bulbs) – then the current will not go. Also, the practice of Qigong: Qigong is not properly deal with "only for himself," not knowing really why it's needed. Master said that only if you put in front of a large and specific purpose, then it would be a good result, and qigong to help you. If we do poetry, business, sports, science or something else, you always have a "ready" straining the brain cells – a light bulb – In need of energy. Then the qi, the resulting practice of Qigong is suitable to these areas of the brain and there is a "useful" work. Practice good result when a person comes up with a specific purpose: for example, cure cancer, or to correct the spine, or to become a champion in fencing, judo and swimming. Perhaps in order to better understand the topic of his thesis, or even – to lose weight.

No matter what, but would not live in vain, and on really want to change something. Strangely, what is the relationship between Qigong and, for example – the notorious thesis? But as the practice of qigong slowly and quietly – something in my head. And one day, a man who thinks of dissertation, suddenly shout "Eureka!". It suddenly opened the desired pixels of the brain. And so it happens in all walks of life. So wrong (not necessarily) go to qigong to become a master of qigong. Not need to practice for the sake of practice, and to improve the quality of life: a healthy, calm, wise man. And if it's wisdom, health and peace of mind, sooner or later, everything else will be achieved. Qigong practice very simple. It does not take any physical training, my fitness level, pay big bucks for lessons in the hall. It's quiet and peaceful exercise. After a week's training workshop, we can practice qigong at home, at any convenient time, in any clothing. For practice only need a half square feet and a desire to do. It is impossible and even dangerous to do qigong from books. Qigong – a serious system. All understand that it is impossible to become a surgeon or a violinist in tutorial. But some people do allow the opportunity to do so in art, which is more than 7,000 years has studied the transformation laws of internal metabolic subtle, profound and fundamental changes in our body. More information about the system can be found at Club Qigong 'Snow Dragon -' Experience Zhong Yuan Qigong and Meditation for health and self- body