Florists Arrangements

Culture of registration of special events bouquets of flowers has deep roots. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Randall Rothenberg. Decorating bouquets of flowers historic sites, museums, exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows has features dictated by appointment clearance and the "spirit" places or events. Becoming even in ancient times, original art, flower arrangement absorbed the characteristics of each era. Styles were born, there were new techniques making arrangements and bouquets. For example, in the XVII century, became popular flower arrangements that serve as a reminder of the impermanence of this world, the brevity of instant enjoyment that lasts as long as the life of a flower. In the XVIII century in Europe were flowers decorating.

Bouquets of flowers were present everywhere – in the painted panels, costumes, the decor and accessories. In the XIX century in fashion wreaths of ribbon flowers linked together by wire. They decorated the interiors of palaces and great houses on the occasion of balls or receptions. Emerging flower – the girls who own the art of flower bouquets. In the late XIX – early XX century in Europe began a period of rapid development of art floral arrangements.

Published books on this tematitike. Unfold courses that teach the creation of floral arrangements. It is from this period, there is the concept of "floral arrangements", which stands for the art of creating artistic flower arrangements. The greatest variety of arrangements can always be observed during various special events. Decorations wedding was a serious matter and one Brides bouquet is not limited. Bouquets of flowers decorated the church, and coach. For the bride and her friends created a floral set. It consisted of a wreath or diadem, buttonholes, bouquets portbuketnitse, small garlands. Wedding bridal bouquet was made entirely of white flowers and myrtle branches, he was small in size – either on paper or silk portbuketnitse. Before working florist is very important to know what atmosphere to give the event – a fun, festive, strong or solid. Depending on this, and selected colors. Contemporary Florists, processing interiors, little by little gather information about the colors and styles that were fashionable at the time. They use materials of the archives, paintings, murals of the palace chambers, prints. Preparations continue for several months. The halls of palaces and mansions transformed floral compositions in different styles and eras – from Peter the Great to the present day. Floral art penetrates the world of high fashion. Increasingly, you can see the podium decorated with flowers or floral arrangements in the salons leading fashion designers. It is therefore important to observe the rules of etiquette. It must be remembered, "who came to someone," fashion art that union and flower arrangements had been harmonious. In the last decade, was born a new direction – creating Dresses and suits the use of living plants. Floral dress became a frequent topic of floral displays and competitions, like the flowers – "guests" fashion shows.