Last-minute penalty Eduardo Galeano: "The years have passed, and eventually I ended up taking my identity: I am a beggar of good football. I'm going for the world, hat in hand, and beg stages: a beautiful jugadita, for God's sake. And when good soccer happens, I thank the miracle but I care a damn what the club or the country that offers it. " That day the sun poured its bright light on the yellow sand of the unpaved streets in our town hick semi-desert. I had no way to measure the temperature but the beads of sweat on our young faces showed that the temperature was as high as you sit down to two meters away from a fire kindled with dry leaves all around the world. That day the selection of the Guajira playing local parties and their disputed on what our leaders used to call in an excessive and disproportionate use of language, "Municipal Stadium." In those days it was called San Jose stadium also in honor of the town's patron saint. I do not think you have been asked permit the holy carpenter because surely had refused to allow his name to be used to name a stadium full of stone and glass surrounded by an ancient wall of a meter in height. In any event there in that pasture old, large, neglected and wanted to be playing the most important games of the season and faced that day against our glorious selection of Sucre.