Our girls show that they can very well compete with the guys! The young wrestling Club from Neumarkt popularity is ever increasing. What has started small in a school gymnasium, has by now become a fixed grouping of the ASV. The male members says in several events – under the direction of Tim Schatalow – and show what they have learned in the training sessions. Due to the growing interest, the women/girls on the Club did find. Last year, there were already some female members, who regularly came to the training sessions. Unfortunately still no match of the former came about at the time.

This will be very different this year. As five women are active, her first appearance will be at the 17.4.2011 in the ASV Hall to the “legacy of Champions 2011” be. The training for women is divided. There is a common WarmUp, where men and women together warm to make what sometimes drives to the incentive. But then are the individual athletes in different Teams split. There is a specially developed training, where they learn case exercises, practicing jumps and various throwing techniques specifically for women. Because the training extends mostly over several hours, which is voluntary, are the teams exchanged often, where therefore the “old-timers” can access the new under the arms, but also every individual can respond to its weaknesses. For everyone a really interesting sport, which must surely count in the future with other members. Tim Heinrichs, head of GAWN career & professional Neumarkt