The motives to use temporary work are for many companies clearly obvious: short response times of the workforce can be adapted quickly and flexibly the needs and that without administrative intervention. Flexible forms of work are the answer to the requirements of a modern workplace. Companies can adjust quickly and flexibly the headcount to peak. Also reduces the administrative burden and no additional costs for the search apply to qualified personnel. Furthermore, employees can be tested as non-binding and also apply if necessary. About one-third of all hired workers is taken over in a conventional employment relationship. This is a reason to decide to escape so the unemployment for temporary employment for many workers. Many workers appreciate the advantage in a temporary agency work.

Good job opportunities arise for young professionals and upgraders, as well as many recovery clean boost. Get the targeted through Workers to sniff opportunity in various appropriate professions and to collect first or new experiences. With the rising unemployment rate rises even the demand for temporary employment agencies. Individual forms of employment offer the chance to create new jobs and to secure employment, which would never have been created in the form of a normal fixed position. In terms of safety and quality, much emphasis is placed in the temporary employment industry. According to the General accident insurance institution, the numbers of accidents at work of temporary workers are falling. About MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH is active in the staffing industry for more than 20 years and is one of the largest staffing companies in Austria. Due to the high credit quality, MLS is a reliable partner in the area of personnel deployment. The MLS company provides its customers flexible workers, ranging from skilled workers up to workers in the sectors industrial, commercial, production and the construction industry. This allows employer without increasing their headcount, quickly and with minimal cost master any new operational situation.