Headquarters Of Change

It intimidates what me is to know that the change headquarters are tenra, fragile. All want to move. I also. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit sports apparel. Nor all have spirit. I also. It bothers me and it insults to know me of the morosidade of courage of a being in transformation eminence, therefore it starts to be submisso to the internalizadas cowardices, to the stagnations the one that is tied.

It disassembles and it retraces the dreams and it discovers the flacidez of its desires. It desires not to have that to search them. Viable it would be if the dreams were searched and neutralized only by the force of the thought. the headquarters? The scarcity moves the sand of the foolishness and therefore, to search the tenuous shade can be laborious, however more concrete. From then on, the forces for the battle of an initiated war are hidden nor. Lack courage to be happy! To rummage itself could be more easy, but it is not. For where to start? She is necessary to start? Ignotos dreams Let us search the comfort of the asleep dreams. Better not to wake up them. Of the work! But and the headquarters? Headquarters? Of what!? A cocaine glue decides? I want water!