Bad Griesbach paths to well-being Bad Griesbach (tvo) ten special arrangements. In Bad Griesbach, the popular spa town in the Bavarian Golf and Spa country, many roads lead to well-being. Very tailored to the different preferences of its guests, the Griesbacher of vacation and health specialists have put together for 2009 ten special packages. Ranging from the vital or active week of relaxation arrangement to the adventure tour. “” Who the beautiful nature in the Bavarian Tuscany “would enjoy, can on a special hiking package” fall back. Guests who prefers to do good her back, have the choice between two packages. So that it runs again, the heart circulation weekly is recommended. In the holiday week (seven nights) are ten Labs with spinal column gymnastics and attitude school, Nordic walking, heartbeat-oriented fat metabolism training as well as strength, endurance and stretching exercises on the plan. In a holiday apartment in the cloister of St. Salvator is Heart circulation weekly from 289 euro, the visitor’s tax is included. Bookings: Klosterhof, St. Salvator, Klosterberg 15, 94086 Bad Griesbach, Tel. 08542/9619-0, fax 08542 / 961919,,. The Bad Griesbach special packages are valid all year round (except Christmas/new year’s Eve) and offered by 14 hosts. Applications the therapy centre takes Bad Griesbach, thermal spa road 6, 94086 Bad Griesbach Therme, Tel. 08532/79249, fax 08532 / 3600,, opposed.