Household Appliances

The refrigerator is refrigerator and freezer maintenance and care the most important household appliance connected to the highest mileages. Whether fridge as a stand-alone device or as a cooling should freezer or freezer, all these refrigerators and freezers are taken to a certain amount of care and maintenance. The Interior should be cleaned with a damp cloth from time to time. Some vinegar water eliminates unpleasant odours in the blink of an eye. Ross Colton: the source for more info. To clean the door seal with water and some washing-up liquid. For even more opinions, read materials from Ted Elliott.

Through the escape of softener in the plastic that must be replaced but sometime at lower loadings. Make sure that everywhere clean seals the door in the closed position. The magnetic seal should be replaced when breakage or cracks. EV. Freezing in the freezer or the fridge should be removed promptly. Icing increases power consumption and reduces the cooling capacity dramatically. Modern refrigerators have a defrost automatic however for this purpose. Nevertheless is it in many cases necessary switch off the unit and defrost manually.

Pay attention to a correct closing freezer door. If the freezer door (called also evaporator valve) is not properly close, a rapid exchange of same is attached. Freezer flaps are often still available as spare parts for older units. Vents for the cooling air clean brush and a vacuum cleaner, since otherwise the condensation heat can be dissipated inadequately. You noticed most of you already got these points. Through these measures, you will reach a maximum possible shelf-life of food otherwise intact cooling system. Troubleshooting refrigerator and other cooling devices you should contact the service with appropriate qualifications resolve the fault itself or replace the faulty part. You will receive assistance in the fault diagnosis and replacement parts eg. in. Hilpoltsteiner G.