Improving Coordinative Abilities

Space in the practice D.A Baguna – eating whether it’s jogging, walking or walking – walking is a fundamental activity of the people increases stamina and resilience, strengthens the cardio vascular system and keeps the body fit. Physicians recommend adults sports per week three times an hour to stay fit. But many of us have either not enough time, necessary motivation or no way in the daily pressures to follow this recommendation. Experts have now produced a device originally developed by astronauts in space to build muscle and adapted it for the rehabilitation. The physiotherapy practice D.A Baguna Katernberg Junction offers the Galileo this new training method of vibration therapy. Galileo is a vibrating exercise equipment that is a platform that simulates the human response to high frequency and therefore 100% is physiologically. Through the rapid boom movements the muscles constricts alternately and again extends what has a number of positive effects: resolution of Muscles pain relief increase muscle strength and thus the muscle performance incontinence therapy / pelvic floor muscle training fall prevention prevention of osteoporosis back pain therapy improve coordinative skills, dexterity and flexibility easing muscle tension circulation for more information please visit us: practice for physiotherapy D.A a.

Baguna Gelsenkirchener str. 255-57 45327 food Tel. 0201 30 80 22 practice advice by the effectiveness and clear advantages of patented page-alternating vibration of the Galileo system compared to other vibration training unit was evidenced by extensive studies. You will find a small selection here: galileo studien.html. We gladly send you a CD with all of the studies and publications. Page alternating vibration training with Galileo is gentle for the cardio vascular system and offers effective and fast help your patients at: general weakness, and exercise osteoporosis all forms of muscular insufficiencies of Foot arch muscles, legs and back tension in the back muscles of nonspecific back pain strength / power loss when immobilization balance disorders fall syndrome and age-associated, multi-functional gait disorders spastic paresis Parkinson’s stress incontinence postnatal pelvic floor muscle training training to improve muscle performance training to improve the inter- and intramuscular coordination circulatory of legs and feet