How to fight the superspy? The main weapon of James Bond is unsurpassed charm, steel nerves and cool head. But if there is a need 007 can deal with the enemy and their bare hands. And how fight real superspy intelligence around the world? Efficacy and window dressing in the world there are tens of thousands of schools and styles of martial arts. Adherents of the majority of them consider their own style the most effective, and yet namely efficiency is the main quality in a real fight. To evaluate the real usefulness of style enough to understand a simple principle. It is based on the fact that the movements of fighters in a battle can be divided into three category on the length of the amplitude: short, medium and long amplitudes. The smaller range of motion, the less time spent on strike or defensive unit.

On the other hand, shirokoamplitudnye movements allow to invest in a stroke or throw a much larger force and attack from a distance. The moment and is a key to learning a different kind of martial arts, as well as in their advertising and promotion. Shirokoamplitudnye styles more spectacular look on the screen and in the arena of sports, than those who focus on short movements. But in life everything is different. Brawl often turns into a dump where hands and feet strongly pomashesh. The truth is in harmony – the ability to fighter to possess any effective movement amplitude. That's why the winners of various MMA fighters are most often sambo and judo, accustomed to working under different circumstances, as well as supporters Thai boxing, where a well placed short elbows and knees.