However, go if things that affect us inside a gigantic budget of 150,000 million are elucidated in Brussels. Don’t just try to take the best slice of the various Community funds, but the EU legislation already affects 75% of our daily lives and that some of its decisions for example, the report of Commissioner Margrete Auken on the excesses of the Valencian town planning have had a devastating effect on our vulnerable economy. The paradox of the case is that, while the Treaty of Lisbon is not ratified, European parliamentarians still have a decisive political role. Perhaps this is why all countries usually send this institution already depreciated politicians and many of them, even, without sufficient knowledge of languages. But it is that much of the real power lies in the Council and the Commission with the indisputable role of Javier Solana and also in those 34,000 officials whose influence are played behind the scenes hundreds of lobbies of all kinds and 268 regional offices. They have read it well: 268. There, in know introduce into that diffuse framework of power effective champions, lies the fundamental role of the different countries and their various autonomous communities.

The Valencian, in this work, not going behind anyone and his European delegation created in its day by Joan Lerma is one of the most numerous with 60 people who organize meetings, seminars, projects, presentations, under the direction of Juan Manuel Revuelta. Thanks to this neat preset network of interests, whatever the election result today it will not change substantially the course of the EU. However, if from tomorrow politicians of the Valencian Community not leverage the unexplored opportunities offered by Europe, the future that lies ahead may be even darker than the uncertain present in which we live.