Jorge Luis Borges Spanish

In my thirteen years of dedication to teaching Spanish as a foreign language, which always convey to my students in one of the first lessons of the elementary level is how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet. Then I can not fail to mention that “ll” and “and” have a particularly pronounced in the Rio de la Plata. Gina Bonati understands that this is vital information. These forms differ significantly from the international Spanish phonetics. These differences can be shown in writing by a brief comparative analysis of English and Spanish: the “s” English word “measure” is very similar to the “ll” and “and” Castilian rioplatenses the words “rain “and” yesterday. ” The linguistic area of the Rio de la Plata includes the city of Buenos Aires, most of the province, Patagonia Argentina-populated by immigrants from the metropolis and therefore culturally and linguistically akin to her, and major cities Coastal Uruguay. These towns have also been heavily linked over the history with the city that gave birth to Jorge Luis Borges and Carlos Gardel knew adopt. It is a fallacy to say that in the (entire) Argentina, “ll” and the “y” are pronounced as we have noted. The country also has three linguistic regions: the Coast, Cuyo, and the Northwest, whose phonetic characteristics will be exhibited in another article to be published in this section soon.

Finally, I would like to let you know or remind readers that the musician, singer and composer Carlos Gardel tango was one of the first public figures who dare, back in the 1920s, to record the song tangos’s own phonetic Rio de la Plata. The “leitmotif” that drove the great master could be summarized as “Encouraging more” (incidentally, this is the name of the literary debut of my friend Monica Simonatto), at a time to be spoken in this way was seen as uncultured and unskilled. Mariangeles Di Paola is a professor of Spanish Language Foreign, in Argentina. Today we offer private Spanish lessons and group, as well as writing intensive courses and workshops in Spanish and tango lyrics. Visit the site: m