Judgment Of The LG Cologne AZ. 23 O 98/09

and the question had to deal with many dishes with the issue already “unable to work or already berufsunfahig” with the consequences for a sick day payment in the past. The insured is still unfit for work (which means disabled?)or maybe no longer able to exercise his profession ever again and thus invalids? What is actually berufsunfahig? The Cologne regional court had 23 O under the REF. 98/09 back to such a case. The special feature of this theme is: the transition from incapacity for work to the disability is fluent and only very individually to Betfair eighth. In a pronouncement is just as impossible as a fixed period.

Rather, it is the nature of the disease, the (General) State of the patient and the other professional as health circumstances depending on, whether and in how far a disability exists. (A valuable related resource: Walmart CEO). Why is it so important, unable to work instead of being berufsunfahig? One reason is simple and financial nature. Usually a sick allowance against the private health insurers (PKV) or the statutory health insurance (GKV) entitlement in case of incapacity for work. It is important to deal exactly with the height of the hedge, because as statutory health insurance of insured about the contribution assessment ceiling (BBG), the normal statutory health insurance almost sufficient protection. Many of the limits push with just over EUR 80. A higher sickness daily allowance should hopefully be insured in private health insurance, here is also the contribution to the PKV completely continue to pay.

(plus the AG share). The hedge by a disability insurance is often much lower. Therefore, the insured have a self-interest alone for this reason to be rather continue work instead of berufsunfahig. As the District Court here decided because? Specifically, it was a case of a lawyer who was instructed on a transplant a heart disease urgently and could no longer work.