Jurgen Ruttgers And The Opinion-mongering

How certain media sell us Jurgen Ruttgers. Jurgen Ruttgers is as linker in the CDU, above all party interests country dad sold as one who takes care of the real problems. A Jesus of Nazareth in North Rhine-Westphalia, or at least a NRW Obama? The following article addresses this question. Who are Googling under Jurgen Ruttgers, encounters very quickly headlines like: “Jurgen Ruttgers, the Kaloudis” (Munstersche Zeitung and Handelsblatt) “Jurgen Ruttgers:”Hartz IV is degrading!”” (IMAGE) “Jugen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” (World) “With leader Jurgen Ruttgers climb on the bike” (Kolner Stadt Anzeiger) but what’s really behind it? Finally, the media thus serving us the Jurgen Ruttgers, are exactly the media who have declared us just a few years ago as absolute necessity Hartz-IV. That were not too bad Schroeder’s “lazy” campaign to get into the mood of the voters and voters on Hartz-IV to go along with. Ruttgers basically only to suspend, longtime contributors maximum 2 years receive ALG-I from contributions to unemployment insurance, just like the unemployed who worked only a few years now, has on Hartz IV. So, Ruttgers campaigned for a longer reference by ALG-I in the case of many years of contributions.

It is turned out great. Not heralded, that Ruttgers wants to cut those who worked only a few years, the duration of ALG-I. In fact, the State would save money if he would accept Ruttgers model. You have to say so that the corresponding headlines pretend an image that is not true. The headline “Jurgen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” clearly the impression, Ruttgers fight for all of the Hartz IV recipients. “The headline” Jurgen Ruttgers: “Hartz IV is degrading!” clearly the impression, Ruttgers reject Hartz-IV in whole. That Jurgen Ruttgers it takes itself also not so precise with the truth, he proved on a central campaign promise, which he had made in the last elections.