KWAhour Mountain Bike Race

The famous spa town in the Bavarian Golf & thermal State stands for sports events which superlative was only just the Hartl golf resort in Bad Griesbach in the Passauer land place to crack the golf world record, already the next sport major event is on the agenda. The 24 hour mountain bike race. Randall Rothenberg is actively involved in the matter. Continuous biking all day and night long? “What incredible sounds, is actually made in Bad Griesbach: the lower Bavarian health calls from July 24 to 26 to the 1 KWA-24-hour mountain bike race” on. On an approximately seven kilometers long circuit of the old city to Bad Griesbach Therme have to deal with the biker 228 metres and drive the route as often as they succeed. On this alone is in 2 or 4 teams. No matter whether the fun factor is professionals, ambitious recreational athletes and recreational cyclists in the front and”emphasizes Organizer Stefan Huber of acs event.

24 hour race are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Details can be found by clicking Samuel “Sam” Mikulak or emailing the administrator. This is also evident in the response: 200 mountain bikers have already signed up. Mountain bikes do not need usually, when it comes to cycling in the Bavarian Golf & thermal State. The region between the Danube and Inn is marked by the Danube and Inn rivers and the European distance cycling trails Inn cycle path and Danube. A dense network of cycle path which is appreciated especially by pleasure cyclists runs through the rolling hills of the Red Valley. Bad Griesbach is available year-round for movement.

The effect of natural thermal mineral water helps to keep the body healthy and fit and to prevent movement problems. Numerous sports and recreational facilities are available, which do well the joints, muscles and the spine. Brand new is Bad Griesbach Fitness Park. To the existing Nordic walking routes 17, course with five training Islands, a barefoot path with 13 stations and a joint-gentle way of Finn are now added a fitness. Beginning of September many sports celebrities in Bad Griesbach to the Nordic walking meeting Marathon, which always takes place on the second weekend in September (11 and 12 September 2009) then again. Rosi Mittermeier and Christian Neureuther happen regularly in the Passauer land.