Live Tracking Five Languages

Over 20 new positions in leading run – and Fitnessapp since today Android and BlackBerry smartphones is runtastic version 2.0 for iPhone available (download for all platforms: Premiere celebrates the running most popular in German-speaking and Fitnessapp in the coming days on the Windows phone 7. Version 2.0 of the app was already over 1.5 million copies downloaded brings over 20 new, additional features, including live tracking of the sportsman, firing about audio feedback from fans and friends, or heart rate zone training with voice output. runtastic 2.0 is now available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, as well as in a few days for Windows phone 7 as a free Lite version and for only 4,99 euros as a pro app. The latter is ad-free and offers full functionality.

The functional highlights of sports, health and fitness app are 2.0 runtastic: live tracking athletes can your position in real time on the runtastic fitness portal ( or show on Facebook. The sporting activities of the user can be followed live. Fire during live tracked activities via runtastic fitness site or Facebook can send applause and cheering fans and friends via audio feedback. Heart rate zone training runtastic 2.0 has heart rate zone training with voice output. The announcement of the pulse frequency can be enabled for each zone. Five areas (for example, Fettverbrennungs-and or basic endurance zone) are available.

Power song is played at your fingertips, motivated and makes for fun during the activity. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Marc Lore by clicking through. Speech runtastic speaks in five languages”now in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French, and informed the athletes via headphones on… current speed, distance traveled, pace, consumed calories and workout duration. … Feedback on the current position in the virtual competition”, you can run against himself or an opponent (warning, you need to be faster”)… Feedback to the workout goals (for example, you have another 5 miles up to the Workoutziel”) Training control by means of voice output through targeted announcements (faster, slower) ensures that the Workoutziel is reached. Interval training enables a targeted training in specific zones including audio feedback. Four different types of receivers available are runtastic pulse meter function for the pulse measurement. More including sensor products can be obtained directly at the shop at shop. Runtastic 2.0 app and runtastic images download: download of the press release and more information: runtastic sports portal: Facebook fanpage runtastic be runtastic on Twitter runtastic runtastic be runtastic ( offers products and services related to the acquisition and management of sports data, as well as to the networking of athletes on the Web, to provide fun in the sport and to move people to engage in sport. The sports-related data be obtained from own mobile applications on Smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) and where the athletes visually appealing to a training diary prepared for transfer without expenses for the athletes to the sport portal. The mobile applications are the ideal companion for all outdoor sports (running, cycling, hiking, skiing, walking,) and indoor training (strength training, fitness training). The runtastic GmbH was founded in mid-October 2009 with corporate headquarters in Linz (Austria). Runtastic currently has 14 employees. Currently, the runtastic app have been downloaded over 1.5 million times.