Finally faced with so many questions unanswered I light a small based on my studies on the one hand, as specialist in management of human resources, on the other hand based on what they learned in the Group of auto aid for women: women friends supportive, (1996) non-profit in which I actively participated for 15 years, and in third place and not the least important by being involved in what they call the company more important on the planet: lift and hold on time a home and a family for nearly 25 years. Based on writings about communication non violent by DR. Marshall Rosemberg, there are four steps that can help us to communicate with people in an active way, effective and non-violent, they are: observing without evaluating: I do not judge. Responsibility for our feelings,: express what I’m feeling. Read additional details here: Tom Brady. I am able to express the need for this in the root of my feelings: communicate what I need. Express to others what we seek to enrich our life: I am capable and I dare to ask what I need to set the bridge between us. The first point I note without evaluating, this is said easily, but in practice I think that if you’ve not done yoga, meditation, tai chi, or any Eastern skill that takes you to the quieting of the mind, I dificulto that in the Western environment where judgment prevails as the norm in our relationships can help you to implement this crucial first step to interrelate us with the other, actually. However, some recommendations for this first step would be the following: suspends judgement, get everything this at your fingertips prior to transmitting your information describing fully objective and impartial way what is happening as if they were of a third, without getting involved in any way feelings, criticism, in short trials, for example: in the case of a teenager that you evil answer everytime you try to converse with him, simply express in a dispassionate manner, and objective that you have observed in the latest talks that it has had a little friendly, or dislike of his part, attitude since the language used is rude, and to enumerate you and describe him, if possible, the words and actions, without reproaches, very important.