Martial Arts Training

I am a fan of sport for health and for fun! When I started to train more than fifteen years ago, I had the great luck that bodybuilders and fitness experts taught me more than to how to train, how to have a training philosophy. When I started as model at the age of sixteen was obliged to be in shape, castings, travel, parades and stress. One had to be shaped not only because the profession requires it, but also because to carry that rhythm of life, or you keep you healthy and in shape or you agotas you in two days. So during those years I got used to train and eat properly and then with my work that I have to be the latest in fashion and beauty (and that my life is very, very active) continued keeping in shape also because personal image and physical way you have much to see let me tell you that welfare in general, nutrition, training, healthy eating and everything that has to do with the internal well-being is one of my passions, receipt many emails from my subscribers of in those who ask me topics on how to fix a granite, or how to disguise a few kilos more, issues rather than solve with a concealer or certain clothing, often the solution is actually in good nutrition and healthy eating. Be unable to speak about personal image not to mention welfare! I am fed up see diets that promise to lose a lot of pounds in a short time I am tired of seeing the miracle diets so instead of keep complaining about me I’m going to take this space to tell you from my experience what are these keys for the inner well-being so you notice in your image, keys I over the years I have been trying and creating my own system. As partner of team a pleasure to have at my side to Natalia Marquez, instructor of fitness, Kettlebells, training for strength and fitness, martial arts and BCN Strength & Martial Arts Training contact sports, Natalia will help me to convey to you how with a good workout You can improve your body and also have fun while you do it and of course to break these myths that women should not do exercises with weights..