Many international markets/customers do not have often far more about the techniques/procedures already commonly used in Germany. Strategic considerations will be followed, how (direct, with a partner, only via Internet, etc.) these potential customers informed/addressed and could be won. Due to the progressive internationalisation way should at this point already are discussed and adopted, allowing an as far as possible uniform approach on the different world markets. This significantly reduces the costs and the wheel must not repeatedly invented ‘ are. But it is important ensure that sufficient market and knowledge of mentality are present or available. Following a marketing plan is being developed – provides the framework to the company at the same time, because only if sufficient products are marketed the cashier is right ‘, more investment and growth is triggered. And in such a marketing plan also various scenarios can be depicted, which greatly facilitate the internal financial management.

(Even if the sizes are not comparable) always the sportswear manufacturer PUMA can serve as an excellent example (given by the Board of Directors, Mr Zeitz) developed on the basis of a carefully thought out marketing and business planning during few years from a company with low acronym million turnover into a multibillion enterprise. Even if not ad-hoc involves SMEs billion sales, as such is indispensable and to learn from the large it can’t hurt. Through the implementation of the marketing plan, but also its ongoing adaptation, depending on the course of business, the way of a good and profitable future is very safe can be displayed (as shown in this example as an example). “Two discoveries by Albert Einstein can be this very helpful:” The imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited to what we now know and understand. The imagination but covers the whole world and everything we ever know and understand ‘or’ you must make things as easy as possible. But not simple.

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